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Virgo New Moon, August 27, 2022

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

The Virgo New Moon is an optimal moment in time to clear out old stuck habits, energy, or clutter in your space and your life, in order to make room for new fresh approaches, and be able to see clearly, once the fog passes.

With both the Sun and Moon in Virgo, we all have a heightened sense of discernment and may find ourselves looking at everything from an analytical stand-point.  There are two sides to this sense of discernment. On the one hand, we can get a shit-ton done!  We can see exactly what needs to happen and our Mercurial minds are able to process this information quickly and execute the plan.  On the other hand, this discernment allows Virgo to pick out all the faults of a situation.

With Mars squaring this moon, that “seeing what’s wrong” is magnified.  Mars is kicking up dust and igniting old ways of being that we don’t want anymore. In the sign of Gemini, Mars is causing quick inflammatory reactions.  This feels really uncomfortable, but what it’s actually doing is allowing you to see the mess, so that you can reorganize it all into a format that ultimately works better for you.  I see this as rearranging the furniture in a room.  You have to make a mess of things and see all those icky cobwebs before you can do anything about them.  You have to shine light on the shadows and hard feelings in order to clear them.

If we do not allow our nervous systems to truly feel a hard feeling - to its fullest capacity - then we hang onto that negative energy.  It clings to us and lives with us.  Rather than catharsis, a good cry or feeling true discomfort in the body to its fullest level, we contract, tightening and winding the wounds into us even deeper.  (We can really learn from our screaming, crying children in this way!). So lean into those hard feelings. Let them pass through you to get the full release.

The day after this New Moon, Venus in Leo will oppose Saturn in Aquarius, creating a grand cross square with the Nodes.  This signifies that we WILL gain some clarity and information on boundary-setting from all the turmoil, particularly in our relationships.  There is a pronounced “I vs. We” energy here.  This interaction with the Nodes and Uranus is also a message that the continual shake-up energy is not without purpose.  Hopefully you will experience a window, or aha-moment, the day after the New Moon that feels like, “ahh, I see what it’s supposed to look like…I’m not there yet, but I can at least start to see where I’m going with all of this.” Fixed signs will be feeling this the most (any planets or luminaries in Leo, Taurus, Aquarius or Scorpio).

This is also Venus’ last New Moon before the archetypal divine feminine goddess goes retrograde; ie. down into her underworld journey.  Currently we can see her in the daytime as “a morning star”. But soon, she will only be visible in the darkness.  She is about to embark on a cycle of death and rebirth.  This is her last hurrah, and a moment of pause.  I imagine a sense of pride, grief over what she is about to say goodbye to, and perhaps fear of the unknown.  Are you feeling any of this?

I will be moving next week.  No matter how well-prepared we think we are, moving ALWAYS brings up the shadow.  As much as I dread it, it has become a ritual of physically going through our belongings to see what we don’t use anymore.  What has just been collecting dust and is now starting to rot?  What do we want to take with us to carry forward into our future lives? It makes me also recognize the parts of myself that have been collecting dust, that I have forgotten to tend to.  When life becomes so chaotic, it’s a message to slow down and honor optimal self-care.   

What do you truly need?

Look around…what is truly serving your purpose?

What patterns are living in your body as stuck energy?

What habitual reactions can you start to rewire and shift?

How can you move that stuck energy?

Purpose, as always, comes up.  My messaging through the stars has always found that - at the end of the day - our souls WANT our lives to align with our true purpose.   Are you living the way your soul is singing out to live?  When you clear away the clutter, other peoples’ thoughts, old books you don’t read (that represent who were at one point in your life), old clothes (that represent identities that don’t fit anymore) - a sense of clarity can come through.  Making physical space like this can then offer us the mental space to sit with our true selves *alone* and unhindered by the heavy burden of stuff we don’t need.  It also allows the *new* way of being, new hobbies, books, loves, etc, to find their way in and through.

Virgo creates ritual from mundane life circumstances: washing dishes, sweeping the floor, drinking water, eating food, baking bread, lighting candles, singing to children, making tea… all of these things can be ritualized if we want.  When you turn something into ritual, you are bringing symbolic meaning to it.  You are adding intentional awareness and gratitude into that moment.  You are changing your mindset surrounding that thing and rewriting a habitual pattern

Where can you add a little magic into your regular habits?  What new daily everyday experiences can you begin to ritualize in your life in order to slow down, bring gratitude and reprogram some stuck energy?

Virgo is the priestess archetype.  She holds ceremony, bringing communion from our bodies out to the earth.   She can make ceremony out of anything.  She can find medicine in everything.  Co-creating in acts of service with earth, as a planner and a builder, is Virgo’s skill.  As a mutable earth sign, Virgo is flexible in creative energies.

The term “virgin” meant something different prior to the rise of Christianity.  It used to mean “self-contained” or “one who cannot be ruled or possessed by another.”  Virgo is a sovereign deity.  Virgo arrives at the end of harvest season and is associated with the grain harvest and ancient grain goddess.  “Vir” means “strong”.

The sovereignty of this Virgo Moon is asking you to remain true to your deepest wishes, desires, goals and visions for yourselfThe sovereignty of Virgo season wants us to set clear boundaries, routines, and practices in our lives. The sovereignty of Virgo is the queen who serves her people with respect and discernment.

What purpose are you serving these days?

We cannot give from an empty cup. In what ways can you fold wellness and self-nourishment into your routines, so that you can serve from a place of wholeness?

I think of the goddess Hygieia here.  Hygieia is connected to the sixth house in astrology, as well as the sign of Virgo. She is an incredibly important goddess of health, ruling ‘hygiene as ritual’.  The reason hygiene is so important to health is because the daily practices that become part of our lives ultimately are the truest factors of determining our health and wellbeing.  Although brushing your teeth and your hair are part of hygiene, Hygieia tells us, its even more than that.

So brush your hair as a ritual, pulling out the old shedding self as a way to rebirth the new you.  Pray to the water and bless it before you drink, so that you can visualize it going to all the places in your body that need healing when you take a sip.  Walk or shower with cold water without gripping your pelvic floor, and soften your body to rewire the programming of discomfort as “shock” in your body.  Sweep the floor like you are sweeping away stuck energy inside of your body.

What hygiene practices can you think of to ritualize?

In medical astrology, Virgo rules the stomach and upper intestines, along with the liver.  The ancient Romans saw these organs as endlessly winding, and the seat of passion, connecting Virgo to the collective desires of the Earth.

Eat healthy.  Eat for pleasure.  Eat as ritual right.  Eat as a nourishment of your soul’s purpose.  Remember the plants and animals that gave their body over to you as a way to support your body.  Be thankful for your organs as they work so hard, digesting the food you consume.

If you’d like to incorporate some herbs into this Virgo Season and New Moon cycle, digestion herbs include fennel, ginger, tulsi, dandelion, chicory, and chamomile.  Nervous System support includes St. Johns Wort, blue vervain, tulsi, chamomile, and skullcap.  Taking baths and anointing yourself in essential oils could also become beautiful new routines to incorporate and honor.  (I am always going to support bathing in rose oil!)

Take care, loves.

Happy New Moon in Virgo.



Artwork by Lori Menna

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