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Pisces New Moon

This Pisces New Moon on March 10th at 5am is all about making your dreams come true.

There is a pile-up in Pisces, and a particular area of our chart, with not only the Sun and Moon in this sign, but Mercury, Saturn and Neptune are all co-present in Pisces.  This emphasis highlights our dreams in two ways: they can either allow us to find the courage and backbone to bring our goals into fruition, or this moment can also bring an awareness of what is limiting our dreams from coming true.  The best way to work with this energy is to see those limitations and use them as tools for setting up more structure in our lives around accomplishing our goals.

The New Moon in Pisces falls at a time of year with only two more weeks of winter.  It is the final, calm, germination phase in the darkness of earth before the seed cracks open.  As the last sign of the zodiac, this is the final New Moon of this astrological year, and so Pisces is also about endings.  It brings a closing out to our year and a culmination point, reminding us of what we planted last year.  This is the last lunation before the first eclipse of 2024 in two weeks.

Pisces is the oneness that we feel with universal love when we are living true to our souls.  As a fish in the water, Pisces allows the waves above to wash over us, going with the flow, impervious to storms and surges.

Pisces is boundless in the watery world of feeling and being.  Pisces season is a time for deep empathy and compassion.  As a global community, empathy is growing for the civilians of warring countries, and across oceans we can see how humanity is more important than borders. We can see the spiritual side of all life emerge. We can feel the divine within ourselves.

On March 9th, Uranus, the spontaneous planet of disruption squares off with Mars, planet of war and bodily impulses.  Expect volcanic eruptions of some kind, surrounding this new Moon, but use this energy to also try something new, unusual and inspiring.  What sparks your passion?  What drives you?  How can you use this to catapult you into the next phase of your life?

On a personal level, this Moon hits me on many levels.  In the previous lunation, I encountered deep grief and was tasked with facing it in newly profound ways.  My grandmother, a Pisces Sun, passed just days before her 91st birthday, and this feels to our family like the end of an era.

Days after I returned from the funeral, I was invited to attend a birth as midwife assistant, and witnessed the dawning of new life.  A beautiful boy emerged quickly and easily.

I am also publishing my first book on the topic of my first love:  plants, sustainability and Mother Earth.  It is called “The Permaculture Revolution”.  I have always wanted to write books but never thought I had it in me.  But here I am, about to live out my dream.

Endings and beginnings.  Meditate on your own endings and beginnings, dear hearts. Where do your crossroads lie?  Which seeds will you choose?

New Moons are always excellent times to set intentions, and this one is particularly potent!

Set aside time to journal and wander, get lots of sleep, submerge yourself in water, and enjoy your inner landscape as much as you can before the blossoming of the new season.

Blessed Pisces New Moon!


Lindsey Pszwaro

Image "Star ship as two blossoming birds" @herlovelyface

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