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Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Letting go of relational pains...

Tonight’s Libra lunar eclipse occurs at 3:00am EST, March 25th, and will be visible beginning just after 12:30pm.  This Libra Full Moon, along the South Node, allows us to purge places in our lives we feel stuck, stagnant or weighed down by indecisions or feelings of guilt, failure or not-enoughness.  We are being given the opportunity to be free to move forward, and to bring our ambitions into being.

Humanity is collectively evolving into a new consciousness, where we will be seeing themes of justice come together as something breaks free and is unearthed.   There will be eye-opening revelations surrounding the ways we relate to one another.  There is a great sense of letting go of the past and old tendencies that no longer serve us- particularly as they relate to feelings of judgment or expectations from others placed upon us.

We are moving toward a new phase of standing on our own two feet, owning our actions and braving the new way forward.  We are being asked to lift one another up and respond intuitively, rather than to compare and react from a place of imbalance.

This eclipse is the second in a series of Libra eclipses, and connects back to a larger story of themes that occurred during the first eclipse in Libra in October of 2023.

It is the opening of the eclipse portal which lasts approximately two weeks and will close on April 8th with the solar eclipse in Aries.

Libra is ruled by Venus, and Venus is currently in Pisces, guiding us to feel out our desires in an emotional way.  Mars just entered Pisces, joining the Pisces-pile-up with Venus, Saturn, and Neptune. Outer and inner planets are asking us to align our masculine and feminine dualities, and to bring them into balance.  To do this, we must first hone in on our spiritual values and find the connected Oneness.   How can we connect the inner realms of infinite beauty with the outer realms of the mundane?

Mars in Pisces tells us to passionately follow our dreams: to allow our emotions to guide our actions, and to be a warrior for what brings us spiritual wholeness.  Trust intuition. Let compassion lead the way.

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