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New Moon in Aquarius

Updated: Feb 10

Breaking Free and Breakthroughs

The New Moon in Aquarius occurs on Friday, February 9th 2024, at 5:59PM EST.  This lunation calls for a new chapter of our lives towards liberation, authenticity, and collective consciousness.  Making a square to Uranus, there is lightning in the air, and sparks for change are reaching their breaking point.  This New Moon is likely to bring with it the unexpected, themes of being "awakened" to what truly matters, and breaking tradition, along with potentially erratic behaviors and feelings.

Mercury squaring Jupiter highlights the many ideas and plans that are circulating, but there is confusion about which ones to follow. You may find yourself make promises you can't keep, although your intentions are good.  Remember to trust your heart if you begin to feel overwhelmed.  This Aquarius Moon - however shocking it may feel - can help clarify your commitment towards your vision. 

Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, and I find these two planets to provide a  good balance when we think about this sign.  Uranus is focused on the individual, freedom, and one’s uniqueness, whereas Saturn focuses on the bigger picture of time, society, and what is holding the collective in place.   In this sense, Aquarius is separate from society, yet very much a part of society. Aquarius has the power to rise above and see — from a bird’s-eye-view — what needs to change in order for society to work better.  We must blend structure with revolution. And this New Moon, we are gifted with a bigger picture.

What does freedom mean to you these days? What new ways of thought want to be birthed?  What are your creative pursuits and where are they steering you?  What insights are you bringing to your community? What new ways of being, within the collective, want to (or need to) be heard?

The forward thinking, and visionary sign of Aquarius is the water-bearer and brings brilliance, life, ideas, and generativity.  This is a time to reflect on how your individual ideas contribute to the collective consciousness.  Even if it doesn’t feel like you are a change-maker, we are all drops of water creating ripples, as we splash into and effect one another’s world view.

This moment also holds with it the opportunity to remember humanity and human rights efforts. We are working to define the value of life beyond borders and the right to live and choose our best path forward. This choice is not available to all and many are suffering in this moment.

Pluto is still at zero degrees of this sign, having ingressed last month into Aquarius and paving the way for a future oriented sea-change over the next twenty years…  We still have a ways to go….  This heavy outlier planet of the underworld just made a conjunction with Mercury in Aquarius on Monday February 5th, allowing for excellent conversations surrounding issues of control and perhaps bringing some mental acuity to internal power conflicts we are struggling with in our own lives.  Additionally Mars and Venus will be bypassing Pluto next week, making conjunctions that bring up the shadow parts of what is motivating us on a subconscious level, the shadowier parts of our relationships, and the drive to transform and take control of our commitments.

So what are you committed to?

This New Moon in Aquarius encourages us to break free from societal norms, challenge the status quo, and envision a future filled with progress and possibility.  Under the influence of Aquarius, we are inspired to awaken, with clarity towards pursuing our wildest dreams, advocate for social justice, and cultivate authentic connections with like-minded souls.

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