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The Autumn Equinox and Libra New Moon, September 25, 2022

This is a moment in time of reckoning with “balance”.  What does this word mean to us these days?  Both the Libra New moon and the Autumn Equinox are symbolically showing us the ways nature holds balance.  As the turning of the wheel shifts into darkness, this is a time to pause: equal light and equal dark.  It’s time to honor how far we’ve come after all of the growth of the year, and a time to acknowledge that which did not grow for us too.

What “seeds” did you plant in midwinter and spring that are now coming into fruition and harvest?  What branches didn’t grow, or what shriveled on the vine? What has disappointed you? What do you need to let die?

The pendulum swings in both directions and Libra Season is at the mid point between seasonal polarities, summer and winter.  It is only natural for these transitional times to feel a little tense, like rocking the boat.  There is very much some tension in the astrological weather for this New Moon.  We are being confronted with some big decisions and choices about which direction we want to go.  Where do we want to put our time and efforts?  Which path will be the most healing?

Whichever path we choose, the relationships that come along with us for the ride are just as important to navigate with a clear head. Libra shows us that we are not quite complete without relating to others. We can understand ourselves more clearly when we are truly heard and reflected by those we love.  Libra rules love and devotion.

It is important to look at how we are giving and receiving of our time, love and efforts.   What relationships are taking up the majority of your energy?  What relationships might you be neglecting?  Does something need to shift in your life so that you can better attain some sense of equilibrium?

This moon is very tied to Mercury, and the stories that come up during this Moon have the power to plant new seeds of growth over the next six months.  As Mercury Retrograde moves back into Virgo and then stations direct on October 2nd, we may find that we are better able to reassess and reimagine the restructuring of our lives to support our values.

We were also blessed to have a Mercury cazimi that first evening of our Equinox on September 22nd. I like to think of Cazimi’s as the “cleaning crew”, or a purification through burning.  When Mercury conjuncts the Sun, there is a clarity of thought and an opportunity to clear away any psychic debris that may be clouding your judgement.  It an opportunity to realistically evaluate where you are in your life’s journey, and see what is serving you and what is not.

It is time to prune some dead branches.   It is time to pause for some choices. Can you offer gratitude for all that has come into your life?  Can you compost that which has disappointed you, allowing it to help you grow in the future?

Strategy, diplomacy, boundaries, bargaining...these are all Libra season words. The best relationships allow some sense of autonomy, so give yourself time to digest all that has been and all that will be. Give yourself time to stew alone, if only for a few minutes...whether consciously or subconsciously, honoring and reflecting on this time can allow you the space to delve into this darker time with some inner solidarity and trust.

(Artwork by Tino Rodriguez)

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