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Sagittarius New Moon, November 23, 2022

The Sagittarius New Moon on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, is a moon of hope, freedom, compassion, and imagination. Jupiter rules this New Moon, and has just moved back into its other favorite domain, Pisces.  Both the planets Venus and Mercury have also entered Sagittarius, along with the Sun.

It sounds obvious, but hasn’t been so accessible until now…We are finding and making positive connections when we can embody an adventurous spirit.

This is the first lunar cycle post-eclipse season, and also the first Sagittarius lunation that is not an eclipse in over a year.  It seems like someone hit the 'reset button' and it may take a bit of time to settle into this new vibe.

As we move deeper into the dark season in the Northern Hemisphere, our astrology becomes more courageous.  Our emotional embers are igniting a fire of curiosity, manifestation power, and perhaps even getting ready to declare grand dreams to others.

Often symbolized as an archer centaur, Sagittarius is both half horse for “instinct”, and half human for “intellect”.  Pointing the arrow up into the sky, where it will fall is anyone’s guess.  Ultimately, Sagittarius wants to know: what is the journey you are on?  What do you seek at this phase of your life?

After the drama, the grief, and the turmoil of last month’s Scorpio eclipse season, this New Moon has the potential to re-calibrate our faith in life. We are being reborn, like a phoenix from the ashes. Scorpio into Sagittarius has a lot of rebirth energy. You might find multiple ideas and avenues calling you. There’s a lot of optimism here.

Born from the watery residue of memory that Scorpio excavated for us, Sagittarius is on a fiery quest for Truth.  There is only one path that is our life,  but the journey can go in any direction. Sagittarius is a wandering soul.   

Which pathways will you avoid?  What do we need to burn that is no longer serving us? New moons are a time of germination and inner focus as we grow the seeds we plant.  What seeds will you take with you on this journey?

Going with the flow and exploring this season is very important. Especially because Mars is still in retrograde in the sign of Gemini. This is a time of both wonder and trust… follow your intuition for the direction that feels right.

Soon after the New Moon, Jupiter will station direct. When any planet is stationing direct it pulls focus. Optimism, generosity and grandiosity are Jupiter’s powers.  Jupiter can also push us out of our comfort zone, because it’s so expansive.

Moving out of our comfort zones, is, and has been, a theme for some time.  I see this Sagittarius New Moon as a moment to truly evolve beyond the regular boundaries of ourselves, and leap into the next timeline with the younger generations.   Listen to the Gen Z’ers.   They have Pluto in Sagittarius and will be uncovering shadow beliefs that older generations take for granted.

Push yourself to do or say something that might feel hard but right.

Change is the only constant in life.  How can you be the change, instead of letting it happen to you? Ride on.

Artwork by Jen Holga

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