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Gemini New Moon Monday, May 29th, 2022

The Gemini New Moon, on Monday, May 29th, sets off a new cycle. Feeling cleared, with a fresher outlook, after the intensity of the last eclipse New and Full Moons, and now incorporating the Jupiter-Mars conjunction in Aries on May 24th, a new two-year cycle is in motion. Have patience and trust in the process that we are growing and adapting to a changing world.

The previous Jupiter-Mars conjunction happened in Summer of 2020. It took place in Capricorn, a sign of hard work, building and planning, but also of restriction. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, felt limited here. Mars, the planet of action felt constrained.

Think back to the limitations and constraints of the past two years with Covid-19 and everything else that came with it. These restraints will begin to feel personally lifted, as we embark on this next two-year period. (As a collective society, there are still likely to be restrictions, however, since Pluto is still in Capricorn. Jupiter and Mars are inner planets, so we will feel this shift on a more personal level.)

This new cycle takes place in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. It is as if we are being reborn into a place of new, unfounded freedom. You might get the sense that anything is possible, and certainly the energy is in place to support that notion. The drive to move forward might feel urgent, but remember we are in a review period with Mercury in retrograde still, until June 3rd.

This Gemini season has been one of already intense and dynamic emotions, perspectives and mental shifts. We are grappling with change as a society, and we are on the threshold of midwifing a new spiritual evolution to humanity. Those who are not willing to change, and even those who are willing to change, are finding hardship. For some this can be a time of deep awakening and also deep tragedy. For others, violent resistance. Either way, our nervous systems are experiencing a drought of sorts and are in dire need of some loving nourishment. Anxieties are running high.

Gemini is the never ending hamster wheel of thought. Streams of consciousness that come pouring out at all moments of the day can cause excessive stress, lack of sleep, or storing of tense energies in the body that can feel locked or blocked.

The antidote to Gemini out of balance is to stay present to true human connections and personal needs. Seeing one another as we cross the street, sharing a smile with a stranger, or understanding when you, or someone else needs space, without judgement. These connections are about listening, and facing our humanity together. “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you,” as the saying goes.

I’ve been thinking of Gemini as a mirror, reflecting back to us an image of ourselves. Gemini, of course is the twins, but this season, with so much happening in Aries, there is a focus on the self.

The classic Gemini stereotype, for better or worse, is a person talking incessantly. The Gemini, in all of us, however, is seeking validation, searching for feedback and connection in those moments. We see in others the qualities we both love about ourselves and hide or hate about ourselves. We admire the people we want to be like. But usually, we have many of those qualities already. Likewise, we are often negatively triggered by people who have qualities in them we do not want to acknowledge about ourselves.

When you judge others, you are actually only judging yourself: the mirror.

How can we sit and be present with both sides of ourselves? How can we see the self that we love, along with the self that needs improving? Gemini asks us to hold that duality. Gemini is the teacher archetype, but also the student. Gemini is the storyteller archetype, but also the trickster. Gemini’s genius lies in not taking oneself too seriously.

Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is mercurial and curious. Gemini mastery is in the lightness of a friendly argument, all for the sake of learning another’s perspective. Information exchange becomes wisdom when we allow playfulness and an open mind to rule. Seeing through the eyes of a child, staying present and in true wonder of the world is the ultimate way through this season.

I think of the garden buds opening up all around me. The miracle of new fresh green leaves, surrendering themselves to the process of growth. Venus, planet of love and beauty, is also at home now in her sign of rulership, Taurus. Her presence here allows us to embody ourselves in this process of growth.

We are packing our bags for a journey into the next chapter. We must choose what is essential to take with us so that our vision can be clear. At this point, we now just need to figure out the details of how to get there.

Gemini moon, at its heart, wants to enjoy life and have fun. Although this can manifest as a buzzing energy, since Gemini is an air sign, you might feel like you can see yourself more clearly these days. My key words for this lunation are Patience, Trust, and Live Lightly. There are likely numerous ideas for creative projects and to-do lists flitting all around. Perhaps you are coming to know and appreciate yourself in new ways.

New moons are a time to set intentions. You don’t need to take any action. Just reflect. Here some questions for self reflection:

  1. What vision are you working towards?

  2. How can you clear space in your life to usher in adaptability and change?

  3. What is essential?

  4. How can you better appreciate that person in the mirror? And how can you be more appreciative and empathetic of others?

  5. How can you take care of your nervous system during this time?

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