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Full Moon in Virgo, March 7th, 2023


On Tuesday, March 7th, the Full Moon in Virgo occurs at 7:40am EST.  Within an hour of this exact lunation, one of the biggest shifts this year will also take place:  Saturn moves into Pisces.

This moment calls for patience with your own process of healing, and finding ways to alchemize your innate skills and gifts as a service to others: loved ones, community, and the greater world.  Trust that your life purpose called you here on a mission of service to humankind.  Recognize and affirm that those special qualities that make us unique individuals, each with different strengths to offer the world, are healing and helpful on a grander scale.

The Virgo Full Moon highlights our need for discernment and for being detail-oriented about what we are putting out into the world, as well as what we are taking into our physical and emotional bodies and our minds.  What projects, art, reactions, gifts and offerings can you begin refining and defining as they relate to your greater dreams and visions?

Begin to use discernment for what you choose to tell yourself about yourself: what false pretense might you have about your capabilities or worth?  What expectations do you have of others?  These are inextricably linked to your overall experience of life.

Virgo finds solace in acts of service.  I see this as the medicine guiding us through the rest of this wild month.   Through small practical moments of giving, one becomes truly open to receiving a full and happy life.  Virgo, as the sovereign being: she who cannot be ruled by another, knows that true perfection lies in the interconnectedness of nature.

Pisces expands this idea of interconnectedness from the earthly to the galactic realms.  Pisces energy will stick around for the next 2-3 years, as Saturn, planet of personal responsibility, control, and boundaries shifts into this sign of boundless energy and the ocean of connectedness.

The Pisces-Virgo axis is one of understanding how the many parts make up the One.  How the microcosms make up the macrocosm.  Virgo rules the large intestine and Pisces rules the immune system.  Do you see how the micro flora of your gut are inextricably connected to your overall well-being? An imbalance of healthy gut bacteria, through poor eating, digestion, or stress can cause a flurry of other health issues.  Likewise, any “unhealthy” or "healthy" person, idea, belief , etc., both energetically or physically, in our direct social realm, is a direct reflection, and has a great impact on our personal and collective health.

This axis also speaks to the ideas we hold of perfection.  Virgo aims for perfection here in the earthly realm.  Virgo is the Priestess archetype, connected, precise, and desiring communion with others for everything to fall into place.  Virgo is skilled at aligning circumstances, setting up alters and and following the healer within.  Ruled by Mercury, Virgo reminds us that it is in the daily thoughts we choose to hold, the daily acts of sacredness, and the people we choose to connect with that create our reality.

Pisces aims for the perfection of the spirit and soul, desiring communion with the universal Oneness that is all life and creation.  Pisces melds with others and wobbles us in and out of consciousness in an attempt to convey the interconnectedness of all things: Dreams, your breath, your body, ancestral memories, the earth and the heavens.  Ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, the sign of Pisces is expansive and otherworldly.

Pisces fluidity needs the practical grounded nature of Virgo in order to make meaning of those spiritual realms.

Saturn moving into Pisces will bring similar themes.  What is your spiritual practice?  Can you make it a daily ritual?  Can you commit to yourself?  How can you bring order to the watery, emotional nature of life? Maybe it’s through therapy, meditation, or creative goals being more meticulously met.  Saturn has been in Saturn-ruled signs for the past six years, and this brought an increased feeling of seriousness and strict rules since 2017.  What have we learned?: Care for one another!  We are all connected! This ingress will begin to bend the intense restrictions these past years have brought on, and hopefully allow us to become more inclusive and compassionate.   

Name one act of service you can do this week to help someone.  It can be very small.  Those small things add up.  Sometimes we think we don’t have much to offer so we do not give…but, more often then not, that small something we have is more than enough.

Virgo loves the practical tasks.  Now, think of two practical ways you can have compassion for yourself this week.  What can you do to show up for your own life story? How can you honor those parts of yourself that are working really hard and need a little extra love and care.

This Moon is squaring Mars, which may bring on some heightened feelings, reactivity and challenge. Breathe through it all. Use the Mars energy to move your body and actually DO something about it.

Good luck out there, Friends!  Wishing you blessed change, exciting opportunities, and a Happy Full Moon!

Image from @verena_wild22

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