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Full moon in Sagittarius, June 14th, 2022

This Full Moon in Sagittarius is about looking at the journey you are on, celebrating where you are at, right now, and embodying your truth.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday, June 14th is expected to be high energy, exciting, and maybe prompting you to feel a little bit lost in the drama of the moment. With a square to Neptune, and Venus having just met up with Uranus, the energy is both creative and dreamy, but also quite raucous and unexpected. Try to remember what it is you are cultivating, and stay grounded, even though you may also be wanting to feel swept away with the adventure and creative spark this moon offers.

Sagittarius represents the search for freedom and never-ending knowledge. Sagittarius is the archer, stretching their bow upwards above the horizon. As a fire sign, direction and motion are quick. Where the arrow lands is yours to guess, but ultimately it is about the journey, the quest. They are the optimists and the believers, guided by the planet Jupiter, who rules this sign. Both Sagittarius and Jupiter archetypes are buoyant jovial, and quite lovable. Jupiter is now in Aries, so this is added energy can help us do something brave we have perhaps been needing to do for some time.

This will be the first full moon in Sagittarius that has not been an eclipse in over a year and a half. It is prime time to feel this Sagittarius adventure energy in a pure new way. Sagittarius is also about expansion into higher realms of knowledge, alternative world views and an expansion of one’s philosophical beliefs. As a full moon, the energy will be full of anticipation and heightened. Think of that feeling before a road trip or right before you maybe left for college. It’s the sense of potential that’s in the air, that anything is possible and ideas are everywhere you look.

Because the moon is square Neptune, there may also be something about the events taking place that aren’t very clear or remain hidden beyond your perceptions. Perhaps there is even something illusory taking place that we should be aware of.

Full moons are a time to celebrate and honor those intentions you set forth at the New Moon cycle. Check in with yourself. Are you on track for where you have been meaning to go? Have you gotten sidetracked? And if so, is that okay?

I have been leaning into the philosophy of play these days. As a mother of two young ones, some days pass where it really feels like I’ve accomplished nothing at all. I have to remind myself that staying present, breathing with the moment, and just being joyful are sometimes worth more than feeling organized or accomplished. Remember, Sagittarius is about the quest. What parts of your journey are you willing to surrender your timetable to in order to live more freely? What goals are non-negotiable?

Venus, the Divine Feminine, and Uranus, the Great Awakener met up on June 11th, in Venus’s home sign of Taurus. I’ve been looking forward to this transit for some time! I see it as an otherworldly jolt to the ways we see beauty and love. These next few days can erupt change and realizations of growth for that which is closest to our hearts, and/or allow mega-creative insight to come through.

This conjunction could swing both ways though. Uranus can cause upheaval in our relationships or creative projects, or it can offer incredibly surprising and mind-blowing opportunities for the Venusian themes of love and beauty in our life. It’s important to remember that even in times of difficulty, Uranus is teaching us to shift our frame of thinking in order for new ways to be.

Because this aspect is in Taurus, food, the body, nature and the material realm may feel like focal points of creative expression. Allow the revolution to pass through you so that it does not ‘happen’ to you!

There is a strong seeker energy with this moon as well. No only does the philosopher, Sagittarius, seek to know, but Saturn is trining the sun, so is asking us to solidify the facts. Mercury moves into its home sign of Gemini so questions and communication about your Truth is now on the table.

Here are some questions to ask yourself this Full Moon:

  1. What is your Truth these days? Are you living up to your own ideals?

  2. What rituals or day-to-day shifts can you put in place to live more in alignment with this Truth?

  3. What creative wild card are you holding and what vision is asking to be acknowledged? Really visualize this!

  4. How can we begin to communicate, embody and celebrate the place in our journey of life we are on, right now?

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