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Capricorn Full Moon, July 13, 2022

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

(Photo by Lorenzo Di Cola/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

This Capricorn Full Moon shines a light on our inner-most goals in life, and shakes us, questioning us again and again, bringing us to the bare bones of our work, to make sure we are on track. Conjunct Pluto and with Uranus as a focal point, this moment is slowly forcing you to unravel yourself and look at the core of who you are and what you stand for, particularly with regard to what you are putting out into the world.

Capricorn is a slow and methodical planner, having great patience and practicing self-discipline as an art. Capricorn rules the bones and skin, and it is an earth sign. It is about structural things, and that which hold us up, both physically and metaphorically: stone, mountain, foundations, laws, promises, intentions. If you are building a house, Capricorn wants us to examine the stability of that house. If you are building a relationship, Capricorn wants you to examine the roots of what that relationship is built on. This Moon asks us: what you are building? What structures are in place to support your growth, and what is your long-term plan or vision? Is it practical? Is it serving your highest purpose?

Capricorn is represented by the mythical sea-goat, a strange and powerful, earth-bound creature that can both climb the highest mountain and swim the widest seas. The Capricorn will climb to the top of a mountain and from there, scout their next peak, realizing they are never, truly, at the ‘top’. In their eyes, the peak keeps shifting: getting higher, longer, wider. The project becomes more elaborate. No task is too tall an order for Capricorn. Checking projects off the list is, in fact, what keeps this sign sane and happy. So long as those projects are fulfilling to ones highest goals.

Capricorn can be so driven in their goals, however, that they can sometimes forget about self-care. How do you show self-respect and appreciation for your daily work amidst the sometimes ‘martyrdom’ of dedication to a vision? Capricorn is also one of the most practical signs of the zodiac. As an earth sign, it is most often concerned with the physical plane. It’s important to check in with the emotional, mental, and spiritual side of your work too. How do those bones flesh out?

This moon is conjunct Pluto, so will force us to see cracks in the foundation or errors in our thinking. In asking yourself these questions of what you are building, Pluto wants us to dive even deeper and enter the shadow of what could be holding us back from being the best we can be. Are your life structures sound? Are you just going through the motions without enjoying your work? your projects? your life? To what degree have your goals felt mundane or burdensome? What inner critics need to be challenged? What inner child needs to be reparented? Can you pause for a moment, give yourself a pat on the back and just celebrate how far you’ve come?

The Sun is currently square Chiron, and this is a transit that definitely can bring up past wounding for us to work with in order to heal. The inner child is calling out for our love right now. What dreams were left unmet? What behaviors became second nature as a way of just “getting by” or protecting yourself? Perhaps this comes up as feelings of ‘not-enoughness’, over-sensitivity, ‘people pleasing’, or acting from a place of fear. How can you reparent yourself in order to grow?

Uranus, planet of disruption, spontaneity, and genius, is a definite focal point with this lunation. We get the sense that there is a challenge to the status quo, and that is absolutely a good thing. Uranus is squaring Saturn, trining the moon, and sextiling Mercury. Our emotions are disruptive and screaming to be acknowledged. They are supported in the ways we are able to creatively communicate our ingenuity and our ideas to one another.

So put yourself out there! Share ideas with like-minded people. Support one another. Lift each other up. If there were ever a time to be yourself and not be shy to say what you want to say, this is it. It might not be accepted right away by everyone, but the times are ultimately shifting in our favor. That is, the favor of the radical mind: those shapeshifting, revolutionary ideas that can change a culture for the better.

“Radical simply means, grasping things at the root.” — Angela Davis

Uranus is also conjunct the North Node and has been dipping in and out of this position for some time. There is the sense that karmic destiny is being played out. Jarring actions that feel uncomfortable or shocking ultimately have their purpose. Have you felt any of this? Maybe something chaotic that you initially thought was holding you back actually revealed to be medicine for you in some way.

After this expressive and cathartic Full Moon, the weekend holds a Mercury cazimi. Mercury will enter the light of the Sun in Cancer, allowing a particularly powerful cleansing of perceptive thought and communications. This is a key time for clarity of vision and the ability to convey your ideas into words. Talking to others about your dreams is one of the first steps towards transforming a vision to reality. That is ultimately what this Capricorn Full Moon is about.

Questions for this Capricorn Full Moon:

  1. What are you building and is it sustainable? What might need to shift or change to better support you?

  2. What old patterns need to be released so that new frameworks can emerge?

  3. What self-doubts do you have, and are they justified or simply coming from a place of fear?

  4. What new, wild ideas might you have brewing? And which ideas are you ready to release into the world?

Because Capricorn is such a practical sign, here are some practical things you can do to honor this full moon.

  1. Climb a mountain or go for a hike.

  2. Collect stones.

  3. Finish a project you have been working on, start a new project, or just make some lists.

  4. Talk to someone about a new idea you maybe haven’t said out-loud yet.

  5. If you have children, build towers, castles, or fairy houses with them using stones, blocks, sand, sticks or other materials.

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