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Aries Full Moon

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Sunday, October 9th

“I and We.”

The Sun in Libra is shining a light on the Moon in Aries.  The vitality of our relationships is now operating through the lens of our individual emotional bodies.  What does your body need to survive these days?  What parts of you have recently “woken up”?  How do you personally contribute to the collective?  To pain, to healing, to growth?

The Aries Full Moon on Sunday, October 9th is conjunct Chiron, the asteroid known as “the wounded healer”. This Moon is also opposite Venus, who is in a cazimi conjunction with the Sun. This dynamic highlights our individual need to heal, against the backdrop of what Society has relationally structured into us. Healthcare systems, incarceration systems, systems of justice, systems of work ethic, education and reparations…all of these systems are so ingrained in our psyche, having been raised with them, that we forget they are changeable.  They are not the only versions of reality, they are constructions of reality. Perhaps the recent retrogrades (Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury in Virgo/Libra), supported us in perceiving some of the flaws in our systems.

Many of these systems actually serve to separate us. And through the separation, we lose the notion of belonging. We are taught to compete with one another, to earn our way through life, and our values of good and evil are often put into place by a homogenous group of privileged people that do not reflect the true diversity of humankind. We all are coming from different perspectives. Honor that.

The Full Moon in Aries is ultimately about the self.  Ruled by Mars, it is passionate, motivating and dynamic, yet also cut-throat, warlike and aggressive if we aren't paying attention.  We may find ourselves cutting off parts of our self that we no longer need, as they relate to our future inspirations, and/or to the larger community.  Yet, we must be mindful that we are not cutting into ourselves as a disservice to our whole sense of self.

Society teaches us to look and act in an ‘acceptable’ way, but that way is often a reflection of the white-privileged class, leaving out well-over 50 percent of the people in the world.  The collective energy can often be at odds with the individual, and this moon truly highlights that dichotomy. Both the Moon and Venus are representative of the feminine voice, and we see this sense of warrior-healing through current events in Iran, as women rise up to fight for their rights.

The question of healing the self in relation to community is a theme for this lunation. Ultimately, as Venus is conjunct the Sun in opposition to the Moon, there is a tug-of-war in our hearts for the devotion of our inner and outer lives… to “show up”. How are we “showing up”?  The myth of Chiron is a story about collective and self-healing. Through healing parts of our own broken souls, we are then able to somehow help and heal others.  Additionally, we cannot truly heal ourselves alone. We require relation with others: inspiration, wisdom, and the shared efforts of our village community, to allow us to recognize what it is that needs to be healed and to learn from one another.

The previous Chiron in Aries generation gave birth to the civil rights era. Chiron in Aries is a warrior for protection, while Venus in Libra wants feminine justice. Their opposition with the luminaries is a direct conversation illuminating these themes in our own lives.

We are ultimately in relation with everything around us, yet the idea of separation : separation from ourselves, from our souls's needs or desires, separation from nature, and separation from one another, according to our current systems, can cause us to unknowingly abuse. When we extort others, when we do not value the resources, the trees, the animals the non-human living beings around us, when we think only of what we can gain through these relationships, our vision-version of our selves becomes distorted. The systems we are a part of can break us. And also, no single system is perfect for every individual.

Individuation and independence are highly valuable in this moment. This Aries Moon is a powerful time for alchemizing your pain into action, creativity and honoring your very existence on this earth. May we realize that we are individuals in relation to the beings around us, and that this connectivity is ultimately a story of love, healing, and inner and outer growth.  We have the opportunity to mend some of the  broken stories that have come about through wrong relation.

Much of the shadow churned up by this past week, as Pluto, Mercury, and Vesta stationed direct, have brought in themes of the ‘underneath of reality’.  They have shown us what we truly value as personal devotion, and the brutal, honest, raw, hard, death of our current frameworks that cannot sustain us long-term.  These themes are far from over…

On October 22nd, Saturn stations direct

On October 23, asteroid Juno stations direct

On October 30th, Mars stations retrograde.

Journeys upon journeys.

The Air element is being stimulated by these planetary stations.  Thoughts, ideas, conversations and the intellect have a very pronounced shape right now, moving into the next six-months.  Questions and themes will likely arise such as, “how are we communicating with the beings around us?”, “how do you perceive value in your own inner and outer networks?”, and “how can we begin to reshape our inner frameworks of understanding to better support the relationships that sustain us, with human and non-human beings alike?”

Questions for Aries Full Moon journaling:

What parts of your self need to heal?

What parts of your relationships need to heal?

What does your intuition, instinct, inspiration and individuation tell you right now?

Which direction do you want to go?

Whose growth are you supporting through your every day choices?

Are you valuing your time, skills and resources in a way that feels right?

Are you valuing the time, skills, and resources of those around you in a way that feels right?

Artwork by @feverdreamai

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