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Aquarius New Moon, January 21, 2023

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”— Joseph Campbell

The Aquarius New Moon is about having faith in yourself, despite all that you’ve been up against.  It is about letting go of past versions of the self, and honoring your authentic, present-day, YOU.  With Mars and Mercury retrogrades finally past us, this is when we can clarify our New Year's Intentions for 2023.  Feel the rush of that forward-moving momentum.  You don’t have to act yet, just feel it.

New Moons are new beginnings. In Aquarius, we honor being original, being unique, loving your strange and wonderful ideas, being totally yourself, and breaking free from whatever might be holding you back.

This moon is considered “out of bounds” of the Sun… that means it’s a little *more* off beat, and emphasizes that push for freedom.  What is your most romantic lifestyle idea for yourself?  What innovative dreams do you have that can bust you out of the normal routine?

This particular moon is also a perigee New Moon, meaning it is the closest to the earth in its orbit.  Perigree moons have a heightened pull on everything- we feel their effects more in our bodies, our psyches, and our emotions.

With that in mind, this moon cycle is a powerful new vision to a new version of you.  So what is the story you are writing?  What are you birthing? Who will you be?  Where will you go?

Saturn has been radically changing the area of our charts that hold Aquarius for the past three years.  This moon allows us to set intentions around this area that has been changing, and will gain more closure in March 2023, when Saturn moves into Pisces.

Saturn instills fear into us when we go up against change. However, it also offers the personal responsibility and structural methods to achieve such change.

What outdated systems need to die? What outdated understandings need to be addressed?  What parts of self could use an upgrade?  What outdated modes of communication have you been following that have been brought to light in recent days?

You have been changing and evolving.  How?  Can you name the ways you are different now?

When Pluto engaged with the Sun on January 18th, some things were made clear that might have felt hard to work through, but you’re getting there. Ultimately, shadow parts of your identity need to be brought into awareness and shed.

With Venus conjunct Saturn, there is also the need to align and redefine your relationships in ways that allow you to be your true self.  Set appropriate boundaries within them.  Choose those you let into your psyche wisely.  Do not allow false projections of the self upon you. You do not have to accept what others may assume about you, if it is not YOUR Truth.

It is not your job to make people see the light.

It is your job to be the light.

Keep close those who honor your unique light unconditionally, without any need for explanation or expectation from you.

Remember what is really important in this lifetime.

Remember the vision.

Trust your intuition.  Let your third eye guide you as you imagine a better future, personally and collectively.

This Aquarius New Moon is a powerful shift, and I am both scared and excited by its gravity.  I’ve been thinking of the archetypal water bearer… water as the source of all life and creation, and the bearer holding that possibility of creation out to humankind.  Be kind to yourself this cycle as you release what needs releasing.   Blessed New Moon!

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