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The New Moon in Taurus and Solar Eclipse, April 2022

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

The New Moon in Taurus is happening on April 30, 2022. This New Moon is also a solar eclipse conjunct Uranus, so there is some definite ‘shake-up’ energy at this start of eclipse season. Eclipses happen when there is a lineup of three planetary bodies, the earth, sun and moon. On April 30th, the moon will be between the earth and sun, blocking its light. Eclipses always occur at points in the sky called the lunar nodes, or the North and South Node.

This New Moon is conjunct the North Node in Taurus. Eclipses for this next year and a half will be happening along the Taurus-Scorpio axis, so we collectively are likely to see Taurus-Scorpio themes arise. The dichotomy of simplicity (Taurus) vs. over-complexity (Scorpio) is the most obvious theme these two signs present. The first eclipse on this axis happened back in November 2021, so think back to some themes that may have arisen for you and/or collectively.

The North Node represents the attributes that we are moving towards or would like to attain. In Chinese astrology, the North Node is the head of the dragon. It is what we need to feed on, what will nourish us, what we are motivated to move towards. With the North Node situated in Taurus, we are aiming towards simple living, material resources, gifts of the body, groundedness, and most importantly, our Earth Mother. Taurus is guided by Venus and so has a lot to say about what we love, relationships and beauty. Taurus is receptive and slow, a lesson in patience. It is a fierce reaction to the Aries yang/go/masculine energy preceding it. (All signs of the zodiac are a reaction to the one before it, much like human generations: children rebelling against parents).

So if we are moving toward Taurus in the North Node, that means we are letting go of what lies in the South Node, or the “tail” of the dragon. We are collectively releasing Scorpio shadow tendencies of over-complicated means of living. We are releasing an over-identification with our wounding. We are composting our tendencies to psychoanalyze and psychologically self-sabotage.

Historically, to our ancestors, eclipses have been times of uncertainty and fear. The light goes out, if only for a moment, and this can cause chaotic energy.

Some choose not to hold ritual or ceremony during eclipses…the energy is too unpredictable. Especially with unruly Uranus right beside this particular New Moon. Perhaps an eclipse is not the best time for formality, but rather, a time for deep inner work. I see eclipses as portals — a time to reflect and go deeper. The dark is associated with the Divine feminine and the mysteries of life, the unknown potential, the seed that’s underground germinating, and the magic.

As in all New Moons, darkness is a time to rest and do nothing, and it is also a time to dream. For too long, we have been afraid of the dark, and demonized the metaphors that go with it. Perhaps we should collectively begin to face the darkening. Maybe then, our fears can be released.

Although the luminary light is dimmed, what else is happening in the sky that we can look to for hope or meaning? Venus and Jupiter are making a beautiful conjunction, an embrace of the two benefic planets, in Pisces, a sign where Jupiter is in rulership. Jupiter provides expansion, gratitude, blessings, giving you what you want, and indulgence. Venus, the sign of beauty, luxury and connection is exalted in Pisces. Both of these planets are known as benefics because they typically bring good fortune. They are on their thrones in the otherworldly realm of dreams. Their embrace represents a time rich for expanding beauty and giving positive feelings to relationships.

I see this Eclipse as a time to dream, imagine, and go into the mystery. With ‘The Fool’ archetype, Uranus right there, dreaming the impossible dream (feeling inspired to go against the grain) can actually be medicine for the chaos around you, allowing you to go with the flow of uncertainty. Because our moon and North Node are in Taurus, also ask yourself: are your resources syncing up with your dreams? and if not how could they?

So many of us have dreams that are grandiose or dreams that that feel silly to be dreaming. Remember your inner resources, your body, the natural skills, talents, passions. What are the gifts you’ve arrived with on this earth and how can you be receptive to them, use them, but also heal them?

Taurus is so nourishing. The earth is medicine all around us and it’s really also a time to be thinking about healing the parts of yourself you may have been neglecting. Maybe it’s giving yourself a hug or pat on the back, or reading the things that you want to be reading, or making the things that you want to be making, and not being afraid to dive in and talk about them with other people. Venus rules Taurus and she asks us to embrace sensuality, our five senses, good foods, nourishment, loving the body, loving the earth, planting gardens, thinking about how you can be resourceful. Step into that dream of a new world that is sustainable for everybody.

The South Node in Scorpio is opposite the moon, so this moment also asks us to find the shadow. Embrace those fears, those parts of yourself, that you are most distant from during the daytime. Maybe you get glimmers of them at night in your hypnogogic dream state (your state between waking and sleeping). Maybe they keep you up at night. This portal can help you to unwrap and unfold the layers of fear, to explore and see what lies there. And to release it. Compost it. Acknowledge the greater purpose and let it go.

So this Taurus New Moon, do some dream work, body work, shadow work. Embrace your weirdness as your inner genius. Sit with your heart, celebrate your inner resources and gifts. Identify ways you can simplify your life. Feel your body on the earth. And eat something delicious.

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