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New Moon in Capricorn 2024

Build the world you want to live in -- Now.

Thursday’s New Moon in Capricorn is a pivotal and poignant moment in time that is unique in its ability to alchemize pain towards betterment.  This could manifest as both personal benefit or collective gains.  We are in deep need of some kind of sign that our efforts have not been in vain - and this week holds actually positive astrology!… Sending us signals that seem to elevate us from the despair many of us have been feeling.

On January 11th, 2024, at 6:57AM EST, The Sun and the Moon come together at 20 degrees of Capricorn.  This happens at a point in the sky which is exactly equi-distant between the North and South Node of the Moon.  The Nodes are where eclipses happen, and often, during eclipse portals, we see a speeding up of time and very dramatic events take place.  Thursday’s New Moon carries the thread of events which occurred at the last eclipse three months ago, in October, and will also be linked to events three months into the future, at the next eclipse.

The fact that the Sun only falls between the Nodal Points twice a year is quite relevant, but add an an exact New Moon to this Nodal square, and we have some very shapeshifting astrology.  This is a breaking point.  A reckoning.  We are dealing with some grander plan that is linked to - what feels like - our destiny.  We can see great things awakening within us: ideas, clarity, “aha” moments, but also some difficulty in wanting to revert to old behaviors that will inevitably keep us from achieving our goals.  With the Capricorn Moon squaring these nodes in cardinal signs, Libra and Aries, we are given gifts which allow us to harness our emotions towards definitive action.

Having free will is a tricky thing: you can choose to better yourself towards health and wellbeing, or you can choose to walk the easier path of a malfunctioning system.

There is a bigger picture to our lives, and this year, holds great potential to finally see some of the pieces of our life all come together.  This pivotal New Moon is in Capricorn, and this is the stuff of “world building”.  So what is the world you want to live in — long-term?  Capricorn is a slow and steady builder, practical in detail.  What choices do we need to begin to make - now - to elevate us into that future world of betterment?  What behaviors do you need to put into place?  Skill-building? Self-development?  Working on a plan?  What mental shifts need to take place for you to begin to activate that future self — in the NOW?

We must begin to lean into our own powers of manifestation and courage.

Several other aspects make this New Moon seem quite supportive.  In fact, much of the rest of January has very supportive astrology!

The Moon is also squaring Chiron, the wounded healer, alchemizing pain. for long-term strategy.  The need to learn from experience (rather than books) makes itself quite clear to us in these weeks.  Life’s lessons are hitting home hard, and the experiences that set us apart, our shadows and our hurts in life, are also what has the power to bring us together.   

Chiron conjunct the North Node may even bring heightened psychic fits of intuition — a collective remembering of how things could be.  Childhood wounds and a lack of confidence may also arise, but with Venus trining Chiron, healing through right relationship is amplified.  The voice of experience shines through in our relationships, especially female relationships.  Loved ones may be able to ease one another’s suffering towards realizing the full potential of humanity.

There is a re-villaging happening among many of us.  We are the bearers of our parent’s childhood trauma of being unheard or supporessed, our own childhood trauma as a result of this, and we also trying to parent our children in a way that breaks the cycle.  Many of us are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.  You are not alone.    

How can we use this moment to redefine what we are committed to?  What role are you playing in your village?  What would be a long term win, not just for one, but for all of us?  Jupiter making a trine to Mars is full of endless enthusiasm and reminds us to have faith in the process of attending to your goals. Mars in Capricorn reminds us that we have a lot of work cut out for us this year!  How can we streamline to commit to those abundant wins, stewarding the gifts for future generations?

Finally we see this Moon conjunct Pluto, defining an emotional intensity and powerful transmutations.  Channeling this transformative energy into a creative outlet could be highly beneficial.  Get ready for the rebirth of a New Year and a New You.  If we put the right strategies in action today, and we are able to stick to our goals, truly anything is possible.  ‘

Peace and Blessed New Moon.

Art @nadiakwd

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Nicely written and hopeful. I see the Saturn in Pisces as a call toward spiritual discipline for the coming time that is traverses Pisces. For a long time I have been asking myself - do I have the discipline to be a free spirit? Now I am being tested. The two seem oxymoronic, and but they aren't. Once we decide to take up a practice of a spiritual nature, then we have to show up consistently. Consistency has been one of the hardest things for me because I tend to want frequent change so much and we live in such a fast paced and distracted world. This might mean a daily practice of journaling, exercise, meditation. Whatever i…

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