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Lunar Eclipse, Full moon in Scorpio, May 2022

An initiation of sorts is happening this week, with big shifts leading up to another eclipse. The primary events of this week are the Mercury retrograde, Jupiter moving into Aries and our second eclipse at the end of the week. These events mark a revisiting of past themes in our life occurring during a moment of forward-moving, intense, and beneficial expansion. This will, however, likely dredge up feelings from the past you’d rather not feel. So despite the positive growth, there’s some underbelly shadow being exposed during this eclipse that needs to be processed so that we can move forward.

The Mercury Retrograde in Gemini begins on 5/10/22 and ends 6/3/22. Review, Revisit, Remember, Respect. The roots of the word respect come from ‘re-‘ to do again and ‘spect’, to see. So to respect something is to see it freshly, with new eyes or perspective — to appreciate it in a way you haven’t before. I’m feeling this so strongly with my own experiences this Mercury retrograde, as I am going to be doing our annual seasonal move up to Vermont for the summer. I am respecting the magnitude and momentum of this time.

This move certainly dredges up feelings of both lack (primitive cabin situation) and excess (with regard to our possessions…Taurus shadow themes I must work on releasing!) But it also brings up memories of who I was the last time I moved. It brings up the fear of the unknown and the fear of transitions. This is why it’s so important, during retrogrades, to allow past experiences to work through your present moment — to allow the past to inform you, but to not feel tied down by it. This situation will be new and different, even though it might feel a bit like you are repeating the same scenarios.

Due to the nature of retrogrades, It might feel like you are moving backwards, but in fact it only appears that way. It’s like two cars - both moving forward, but one is moving more quickly. From the vantage point of the faster car, the other appears to going backward. From earth’s vantage point, Mercury appears to be slowing down, stopping, and moving backwards, when in fact, it is the fastest moving planet.

So remember to take stock. Mercury rules communication so communications might feel impaired. Therefore, it’s important to think things through and slow down to match the pace. Some might say don’t sign contracts or make big decisions during Mercury retrogrades, but really, it’s just about reading the instructions, the fine print and contracts thoroughly.

What “re-“ words come up for you during this time? What themes are you revisiting these next few weeks?

Because this Mercury retrograde is happening in Gemini, the sign of the twins, it’s very important to hold the duality of vision. Gemini, as the twins of ancient mythology, were born of the same mother, but sired by different fathers, one mortal and one immortal. They were granted, by Zeus, the ability to switch places with one another, between earth and the heavenly realms. Geminis are able to hold these dueling perspectives in both the heavens and life on earth. They can live in both realms. They can see both sides to a particular situation. So this Mercury retrograde, remember to examine ALL the possibilities of whatever it is you are being asked to review.

Gemini is also the teacher/student archetype and the storyteller. What stories are you revisiting that you need to let go of? Are there any situations happening around you that are trying to teach you something….again?

Both Mercury and Gemini represent the nervous system, so take care of your anxiety levels these next couple of weeks. Remember self care, the baths, the oils, the teas. Skullcap and chamomile are great herbs for calming anxiety. But also remember to nourish the nervous system connections, lubricating with healthy fats like avocado oil and coconut oil. Drink tons of water too!

As Jupiter moves into Aries, this marks a big astrological event that hasn’t happened in 12 years. It is the start of a new chapter. Think back twelve years ago for you, when Jupiter was last in Aries. This is a boost for whatever area of your natal chart Aries occupies. Jupiter is about expansion and grandiose visions. Jupiter makes your dreams come true. In Aries, there is the propulsion of speed, motivation and fiery spark to move forward with whatever those dreams are.

There are other planets moving into Aries too, Venus and Mars. With all of this energy moving into Aries there is the tendency to push and speed up, but remember: Push is pain. Pull is vision.

Action is the medicine. Jupiter is the vision carrying us forward. Jupiter is about believing in yourself and having faith. Make sure your vision is sustainable and you don’t burn out.

The Second eclipse this season is a lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 15th PST and May 16th EST. This eclipse is definitely an initiation of sorts. You will be asked to go into places of yourself you’d rather not face. It will likely be dramatic and emotional. Because this is Full Moon energy in Scorpio, a water sign, it will likely be intense and dredge up feelings you’ve been suppressing.

Scorpio, as the excavator, always asks us to look more deeply, to feel more fully, and to be more honest with our selves. Scorpio is also the sorcerer archetype, capable of great magic and transformation. Scorpio is a master in shedding of the self, keenly alchemizing the body and mind towards a higher potential. This is the Rebirth. Full moons are a release, so allow this to be a moment to release whatever needs releasing, so that you can be 'reborn'. Whatever pent up energy or emotions need letting go. Deep cleanse, deep breaths, and catharsis. What kind of cathartic release do you need?

Initiation is a humbling of the will. It shatters us on all levels. And though every part of us may mount resistance to being changed, we are not meant to emerge intact” —Toko-pa Turner

This moon is also called the “flower moon”, the name given to full moons in the month of May, according to the Farmers Almanac. Growing is never easy. Your true self is coming into bloom. We are not meant to emerge the same, but to allow ourselves to be transformed by the process of natural growth.

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