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Full Moon in Scorpio Lunar Eclipse

Whatever journey you have been on for the past year and a half is finally coming to a close. This is a journey of deep, psychological awakening, emotional acknowledgment of feelings that have been deeply suppressed, and an attunement with the body. It’s as if you’ve finally realized all of the signals your body has been giving you.  For about a year now, feelings have been culminating and processing to a point of acceptance and release.   There is a surrender and letting go to this moment:  so what is it that you are finally surrendering to?

This Full Moon is also known as the Flower Moon in the Northern Hemisphere. It occurs alongside the festival of Beltane, honoring fertility, birth and new life. Cherry blossoms are blooming all around me here, and that particular flower essence represents "opening to yourself". I can't help thinking of this moon as a moment for us to rebirth our New Self. We are growing into ourselves. We are acknowledging the fragility of having a body here on earth, and a life, and as gratitude for our incarnation, we must now step into our Divine path.

All life comes with death. It is an inherent part of nature. We know this, right? Decay creates fertile ground for growth. Emptying out makes space for the new to come in. This is the north node in Taurus's true lesson for us. The simplicity of nature holds all the complicated emotions of life. That is where it's opposite sign, Scorpio, often represented as death, or the darker side of life, comes into play. Scorpio is so complex.

Scorpio Full Moons often have an eclipse-like energy to them anyway.  They are draining, emotions run deep, and we see a lot of excavation energy as we are forced to exorcise our own demons. Scorpio just feels everything so deeply. If these placements stand out in your natal chart, you may even feel the tendency to over-analyze or spiral down a rabbit hole of despair in this moment. Add an eclipse to the mix, and this is a super charged moment for serious purification. You can also use this Full Moon to claim greater empowerment through clearing away what is not is line with your natural purpose.

As I write this, my car battery is dead, and the gas empty light just came on…what is happening?  It feels like this is a moment in time when we are realizing that— whatever we’ve been running on: the steam; the energy supply; the stories we’ve been telling ourselves— they’re starting to come to an close.   That energy is running out of gas, and we need to now become humble as we empty the tank (so to speak), ask for help, rest, so that we so that we can be filled with new life to come.

Tips for encountering this Lunar eclipse include:

-trusting your deeply embodied intuitive wisdom (ie. The heart’s wisdom)

-getting plenty of rest and recharge time

-staying hydrated, nourishing yourself

-declutter your physical space to allow for plenty of mental space

-naming your demons

-allowing change to happen

-releasing what no longer serves you

-allowing compassion, humility, time and grace for transformation to happen

In January of 2022 the South Node moved into Scorpio and we had our first eclipse in this sign back in May of 2022.  Think back to emotions that began surfacing around January 2022 which may have become more dramatic around May.  That is the cycle we are closing now, as we finish our final eclipse in Scorpio for many years to come.  The nodes will fully move out of this sign in July of 2023, where we will begin a new series of eclipses along the Aries-Libra axis later this year.

Also on this Lunar eclipse. Jupiter, Mercury and Uranus are having a lot to say!  The Sun is conjunct Uranus during the Full Moon, and you might surprise yourself with the amount of incoming realizations you make over these next few days.  With Taurus in the lead here, pay attention especially to messages from the body and also pay attention to your material life (possessions, resources, finances).  How can your body and your resources support your emotional life right now?  Do you need to declutter? Seek professional help?  Create a space of safety?  Eat differently? Exercise?

When you feel so deeply that your heart aches, it’s easier to ignore the feelings….perhaps you detach, perhaps you avoid by hustling and distracting yourself.  It can be especially challenging too if you are a caretaker or in a leadership role: if you’re used to holding it together for the sake of others, and their own mental health.  It can be really hard to ask for help or acknowledge that you also have mental health needs.

Move into this space though.  The only way out is through.

After this lunar eclipse, Jupiter will move into Taurus and be squaring Pluto.  This is a big culminating event called a grand fixed cross that we have been working our way towards all year, and it might turn out to be one of the more challenging weeks of the year.  It will perfect around May 21st, but holds the tension for the duration of the month.

May is a dynamic month and has all the signatures of both hardship and great accomplishment.  The expansion of ourselves is here and we can no longer deny it.  If you have been waiting for the moment to shift gears and finally move into the new you, welcome darlings.  It is here.  It may not look or feel as easy as you want it to.  Enlightenment comes with feeling the uneasiness, and yet choosing the higher road.

Fixed crosses are blockages that show us what we need to integrate for greater awareness and peace.  This one has features of full blown and magnified change, and a “fighting for our own becoming”…with Jupiter conjunct the north node and the nodes involved in general, this is our moment to shine and become the version of ourselves we have been waiting for.  Whatever this month brings, even if it is not what you are hoping for, be assured that it is all in the direction of leading you to a better future.

To see where this eclipse is showing up in your chart, and how the energy of May is likely to affect you, feel free to sign up for a personal birth chart reading here.

Image by Jen Holga

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