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Full Moon in Libra, April 6, 2023


How are we showing up for others? Is it in line with our authentic self? Are we doing things out of obligation or out of a true inner desire? Where have we been running away from challenges and opportunities to work together?  Where can we break past harmful patterns, and unite towards common goals, without overburdening ourselves?

To what degree do we allow the opinions of others to determine our self worth?

The Full Moon in Libra occurs at 9:34 PM Pacific time on 4/5, and 12:34AM EST on 4/6.  This a very important healing moon for shedding light on some of those questions above.  With the moon in Libra, the Sun is sitting opposite in the sign of Aries.  Themes along the axis of “I” & “We” will be coming in strong.

Here is an important and beautiful moment for honoring the friendships and relationships that are an accurate mirror for You. It is also an important time for reevaluating your relationships, and what inspires you, so that you can prioritize those people and things that are most meaningful to you.

I know, in my own life, it’s been a matter of reigning things in, and checking in with my heart, to see if I am truly committed to something.  In this way, I am able to better focus on my children and my family, by feeling supported and truly seen by those who just “get” me.

During this Full Moon, the Sun is tightly conjunct Chiron, the “wounded healer” archetype.  Chiron is a minor planet, and when any planet aligns with the Sun or Moon during a lunation period, this highlights and illuminates the themes of that planet.

In Greek myth, Chiron was a centaur, who was an outsider: a sensitive teacher and plant medicine healer, in a community of brutality and incessant fighting.  He became a skilled healer to the gods, and was one day shot with a poison arrow, which he could never heal from.  He used his own wound as a tool for understanding suffering on a deeper level.

This Moon does highlight pain that we need to work with.  Sometimes we hold onto difficult past experiences or hardships from our childhood, and they become sore spots for us.  When we carry those wounds, we can unknowingly use them to perpetuate harm. Once we become aware of that psychic wound, the healing can begin to take place.  This is not to say we will ever fully be healed!  And that is ok.  Our wounds inform our understanding of the world so that we can break harmful patterns of behavior.

By adjusting our view, we can see how the stories we tell ourselves do not have to burden us, but can begin to empower us.  Like Chiron, we can use our wounds as knowledge for how to heal and help others.

This Full Moon carries a lot of healing energy for unlocking the psychic wounds that we may have suppressed or not wanted to face.  There is something about this moment that opens ups a window of understanding about what is harming us.  It can be tough to reopen that sore spot, but, in this case, it’s is actually a good thing!

This a time for healing by looking directly at our hardships, sending them warmth and love.  Maybe, over time, we can even see what we can offer others through the lessons we have learned during our own battles.

Libra is the symbol of the Scales, signifying balance, duality, justice and a sense of fairness.  I also associate this archetype with the Egyptian goddess Maat.  She would weigh the hearts of the deceased in the afterlife against her feather of Truth.  Those who had heavy hearts would be sent to the Underworld goddess to be devoured.  If the souls were in balance with the weight of the feather, they could feast with deities and other sprits.

What weighs heavy in your heart? Where do you express Justice most? Are there places in your life you are being asked live more “lightly”, ie. More in alignment with your souls desires?

Libra is also the archetypal lover, artist and peacemaker.  Are we behaving and understanding our relationships in a way that is the truth?  Are we giving just as much as we are receiving on an emotional level?  Are we putting too many rules and expectations on ourselves?  Are we free to be ourselves?

This is the apex of Aries season, so the energy feels heightened.  As the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox, Easter and Passover are also celebrated at this time.  The symbol of the great cosmic egg comes to mind,  with a vision of renewal.  With the Sun conjunct Jupiter and Chiron, things feels even bigger.  You may have bitten off more than you can chew.  Overwhelm is definitely a natural feeling that comes up this time of year, but even moreso than usual right now!

There are opportunities this week to redefine your goals and connect with your long term plans.  Saturn sextiling Mercury on Thursday helps clarify and organize our grand schemes.

Themes that may come up this week include: Being open to working things out, being upfront about our fears, and remembering to NOT assume anything about the intentions of others.

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