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Full Moon in Cancer, January 6th, 2023

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

The Full Moon in Cancer is a time of emotional release from a place of deep feeling.  Let go, honor your intuition and growing process.  You may feel heightened sensations, a pulling away from the public sphere and an urge to take care of the home, family or your roots.

Cancer also speaks to how we take control of our self-care.  Although it is the mother archetype, and definitely wants to check in with loved ones, Cancer Moon honors the inner-mother and the ways we can take care of our psychological well-being.  How can you cuddle the inner-child or inner-teenager who needs a little extra love?

There is a radical need to free the self from confines that came before, particularly when it comes to social obligations that don’t feel right.   Cancer has fathoms of empathy and a strong memory.  Follow your intuitive downloads, and you may gain insight to a part of your life that needs some healing closure and Love.  Tune-in and integrate your past experiences.

Remember, you are Love. 

You are capable of healing.

As a healing water sign, Cancer wants to know exactly how you are supporting your self.  Water is nourishing and restorative.  Drink lots of water, shed some tears, go to a body of water, or take a bath.

As the first lunation of 2023, I think this is exactly what we need.  The Sun is conjunct Mercury retrograde during this Full Moon.  Mercury retrogrades want us to review the past, so this is a perfect time time to take a look at our current situation and see if it aligns.  What are we working for?  Is it still what we want?  Why do we want it?  How are we going to make it happen?

This moon offers a moment to hit the reset buttons in our home life, and start landing some of these ideas in your personal daily rhythms.  Pay attention to the needs of the household and take each planning step just one beat at a time…try not to get ahead of yourself.  Declutter, get organized, little-by-little, plan your time more wisely.   Try to avoid multitasking.  Set aside undivided attention for self care, partnership and those "responsible" things that need your time.

Easing our way into this year’s goals is key.  We are in for some changes, particularly with the ways we relate and communicate openly with one another.  But it’s looking more calm, a bit more “expected”, and the momentum will likely flow more easily than energies of the past two years. Even though we may still be thrown some wild cards, we have gained many tools, over the last few months and years, to deal with shock, anger and pain.  We know our personal protocol when shadow surfaces.

There is an element of grief to this Full Moon too, however —and I believe community grief is also a theme to this year.  Neptune is squaring this moon, and Saturn will enter Pisces this year, along with Pluto moving into Aquarius.  Both of these big shifts are indicating that communities will be facing the darker, emotional side, of life together.  We need to make space for all that we need to mourn:  For lost time, for projects that didn’t pan out, or for loved ones who have experienced suffering.

The sign of Cancer is ultimately about care and support, and I love that this Full Moon is guiding a light towards these important themes, bringing us into a new wave of being-ness with one another as we enter 2023.

Blessed Full Moon 🌕!

Art from @brigitannamcneill

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