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Yarrow flower essence indications— providing boundaries and protection, maintaining integrity despite difficult circumstances, emotional strength and courage, a warrior plant.

I’ve always admired the delicate yet strong beauty of this flower. Sweet individual blossoms make up a shield shape. Together, unified and protected, they are an umbrella or umbellifer plant. A true warrior plant. Most roadside herbs are considered warriors, as they protect the boundaries of the wild.

Yarrow is indeed a “vulnerary” herb, used for wounds, to slow and stop bleeding. Thus it makes sense that we use the Yarrow flower essence for ways in which we feel “vulnerable” or “bleeding out” to the energies of others or to our environment. Yarrow allows us to remain sensitive and open, yet maintain the integrity of our healthy boundaries.

This essence can be taken as a tonic or as needed before entering an emotionally challenging situation or to prevent getting drained by others’ emotions.

Yarrow is a plant ally that anyone involved with healing should know!

1 half ounce dropper bottle. Take 2-4 drops, 1-3 times per day. Yarrow flowers in water and brandy

Yarrow Flower Essence: “Boundaries and Protection”

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