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White Morning Glory essence is useful for breaking free of past habits, enabling us to make a fresh start. It promotes vision, clarity and guidance.

This remedy calms an irritated, over-stimulated nervous system and supports the removal of undesired energies that are not ours, but cling to us.  It increases our awareness of inherited ancestral patterns. White Morning Glory supports us in understanding what is ours and what stories we must disentangle ourselves from to leave behind.

Morning Glory helps those who spend too much time in thought patterns and mind realms, bringing us back into the physical body. This allows for greater balance of needs and a recognition of inner power in order to change a situation.  

1 half ounce dropper bottle

Take 2-4 drops daily, 1-3 times per day for general nervous system support

White Morning Glory Flower Essence : “Clarity of Vision”

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