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An Herbal Spring Kit filled with goodies for the whole family this Season. Three great tinctures, plus a few bonus surprises…

💙RESET: Liver Detox: with dandelion root, burdock root, and yellow dock root. These plants grow early in the spring season as a little message to harvest their roots to clear away the winter muck.

💚REPLENISH Stinging Nettle Glycerite: my favorite remedy for seasonal allergies! So mineral dense and great for bulking up the nutrients this season! Very important to dose up BEFORE allergy season hits. Nettles are histamines, not anti-histamine, so they allow your body to process the allergens rather than block the body’s receptors.

🧡FORTIFY: Immune Defense: echinacea-goldenseal glycerin tincture, my go-to for myself and the kids during times of illness in the house, or if sickness is going around. I’ve also added tulsi and ginger to this one for additional adaptogenic support.


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