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1/2 oz dropper bottle

Take 2-3 drops, 1-3 times a day for relief of nervous tension.

Goldenrod flower essence is all about bravery. It’s is known as the “spiritual spine”, and is useful for giving you backbone in the face of peer, family, and societal pressure. It encourages you to hold yourself high and upright, being proud of your truth and being true to your self.

When you take Goldenrod essence, you become a “golden rod” of truth for spirit to embody, shining out your unique individual qualities. It is helpful in moments of indecision, giving courage or strength to make choices that ultimately support your inner light.

The “golden rod” also can aid in psychic connection, as it strengthens the third eye, powers of clairvoyance and vision.

Goldenrod Flower Essence: “Bravery and Courage”

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