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Bee Balm Flower Essence is powerful spiritual medicine in these shifting times. Also commonly known as wild bergamot or monarda, bee balm flower essence helps you make the leap into your highest self, allowing you to integrate higher frequencies of energy and spirit that are penetrating the collective human consciousness during times of transformation.

Bee balm assists you in directly receiving information from Source, allowing you to shift your attitudes, belief systems and behaviors to be more in resonance with a higher vibration. It aids you in attracting your purpose, and those who will help you get there, by being more aware and aligned with that frequency.

Bee Balm is helpful when you feel frustrated, put up walls or separate yourself from other people as you make that transition to more expanded states of spiritual awareness. It allows you to soften and fully integrate your new perceptions with the outer world.

Bee balm may also be useful for those who have trouble expressing their true personality and emotions. This may be due to abuse or other factors. It is also suggested for those who suppress sadness, are overly reliant on rational thought, and/or have trouble crying.

Bee Balm Flower Essence: “Vibrate Higher”

$14.00 Regular Price
$12.00Sale Price
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