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The Solar Eclipse in Libra

Releasing outdated relationship patterns and taking back your power.

On October 14th, around 12:13pm EST, the solar eclipse will become visible in the US, going exact at 1:55pm at 21 degrees and 7 minutes of Libra.  This officially begins the first eclipse in the sign of Libra along the South Node of the Moon, highlighting the new patterns of release in this sign for the next year and a half.

Eclipses occur during New Moons and Full Moons.  During todays solar eclipse, the New Moon will cast a shadow over the Sun, blocking out, or disrupting, the light we usually see.

Because eclipses disrupt our typical light, this sometimes manifests as a power outage or energetic disturbance to our typical mood or motivation.  They aren’t good or bad, but they can often bring with them beginning or endings, and increases or decreases in our lives.

Mythically, the nodes of the moon represent a dragon, with the north node as the head, and the south node as the tail.  The South Node represents those decreases, or releases, which will be a focal point in the sign of Libra for the next year and a half.  This indicates Libran patterns that are no longer serving us and need to be shed.

These negative Libran themes are ready to be shed: Codependency, overly relying on others for our own well-being, people-pleasing, avoiding confrontation, being indecisive, superficiality or being overly elaborate with our plans, and an emotional emphasis on things being “unfair”…but old ingrained patterns obviously take time to let go.

We are finding ways to reset our relationships and complete unfinished business, both personally and collectively.  As eclipse season open up the portals of time, there is a speeding -up motion towards our goals and evolutions that is bookmarked by today’s Solar eclipse in Libra, and the lunar eclipse in two weeks (on the 28th in the sign of Taurus).

This is a potent time to release expectations of yourself to fit into boxes you once fit into. Collectively, we can see the struggle of the world trying to take sides and place blame.  We are seeing situations from all angles and learning to choose love over all.  We must reset patterns towards compassion.

Personally this is an important time to take back your power in ways that allow you to rise above the limits imposed on you.  The lessons we’ve learned from the recent Venus retrograde are amplified: about finding your authentic truth and direct expression, regardless of what people think.

Other transits that affect this Lunation include Mercury, who is conjunct the Sun and Moon, and Mars, who is within orb of conjunction but in a different sign.  Mars just moved into Scorpio on Wednesday. Mars, the Sun, Moon and Lunar South node are all squaring Pluto, who has just stationed direct this past week.

Additionally, Uranus is trining this newly potent Pluto, and Saturn is still lingering in opposition with Venus.

What does this all mean?  Our thoughts and words will likely highlight ways that we are making big changes in our relationships, and the ways we relate to others.  Newly found boundaries around our relationships are important to put into place, or at least realized around this time.  We may even spontaneously move towards change quite rapidly.

With Mars moving into its home sign of Scorpio on Wednesday, we are finding strengths that are long lasting and strategic.  There is a patience to this moment that requires great effort.  Mars in Scorpio is a slow burn, ready to strike when the time is right.  The key is to distill what you are most passionate about, and work consistently towards protecting it.

Libra can be have tendencies towards being ‘wishy washy’…for wobbling back and forth between two or more ideas, and for feeling indecisive.  We can imagine the scales, trying to find balance.

The Pluto square will emphasize challenges that we need to overcome in order to make the appropriate decisions of what needs to be released.  Intense transformation, psychological obsession, and power struggles may make themselves known.

This whole month of October is marked by the Pluto square.  It feels like there is a weighted coldness to our decisions as we vacillate between not having enough, or having too much.  There is the feeling that we must let go of something in order for our sanity to continue.  If you’ve been juggling too many balls, expect some of them to fall, and learn to be ok with it.  You must let go of things that have worked for you in the past but they don’t anymore.

Overall this solar eclipse is a good time to purge, clean, or empty out your space, in order to make room for new changes to occur.  It is a time to honor grief, and we may feel a sense of finality over some of the chaos of this past year, smoothing out the frictions of a bumpy transition.  Finding ways to cultivate empathy and staying soft with yourself will help carry you through.

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