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The Pisces Full Moon, September 10th, 2022

The week leading up to this full moon is full of change and rampant, diverse energies, but also is an invitation to pause, take a step back into ourselves, and celebrate where we are at, right now.  It is not a moon of order or control…it is a moon of stormy turbulent waves.  Where can you situate yourself so that you are in awe of the storm, rather than tossed about by the waves?

Pisces Full Moons are often about endings and beginnings, and really honoring those transitions.  The start of a new school year, moving to a new space, new career, new relationship, new perceptions, ideas, projects?…All of these are windows of *shift*, where the ending of how things "used to be" needs to be grieved or released so that the new beginning can be truly celebrated.  We can pack some release into this moon, feel whatever emotions come up around this idea of *shift*, and heal, if needed.  Water signs can be so healing, and Pisces is the ocean itself.

As a full moon, Pisces truly wants you to celebrate yourself without boundaries or need for explanation.  Say it out loud: What is your superpower?  Speak it into water and then drink it up. Allow others to lift you up and celebrate that with you.  This is your invitation to step into your power.  How can you “show off” your full expression of self without worry of being shamed that you are too much?

Mercury retrograde is happening on September 9th in the sign of Libra, offering you a review period of who you are in the eyes of others, and what may be true or untrue about the self you project in that ‘mirror’ of others.

Sometimes, the people we are closest to are able to see what we cannot see about ourselves, offering us perspective into those blind spots.  Sometimes, others project their own agendas or emotional baggage onto us in ways that are not serving us.  This weekend, with the Mercury retrograde in Libra leading right into the Full moon, we have an opportunity to take stock.  What fits our heart center? What perceptions do you want to change about how others view you?  What projections might you have about the experiences of others that are not necessarily true?

This Pisces Full Moon is also conjunct Neptune.  Pisces is the sign of the ocean and spirit, and the planet Neptune is at home here, representing the otherworldly realms, a merging of nature and spirit, body and soul.  Neptune is strong in those of us who like to live in alternate versions of reality: priests, psychics, and mind-altering addicts alike.   This Neptune conjunction really invites us to connect with spirit and nature in a way that is all-encompassing, where you can see the energetic circle of life from a transcendent perspective, pulsing through your own blood and body.

We are all in it together.  All One:  Pisces breaks down the boundary between you and me.  We may be working individually, yet always towards a greater goal.

With Jupiter opposite this recent Mercury retrograde, there is a gathering of our diverse perspectives and ideologies and pushing us all forward with a leap of faith to get it together.  There may be tension in the boundlessness of this energy, but your edges are being stretched. Releasing control, if only for the few days of this moon, can allow you to ride that storm and watch your own life from a state of reverence.

When you watch the Full Moon over these next few days, remember to be grateful for your own place in this big web of life.  Look to the part of your chart that houses the sign of Pisces, and that can give you clues as to what is being pulled into focus for you, personally.  Happy Full Moon!

Image from @odellhussey on Instagram.

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