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The New Moon in Virgo


The New Moon in Virgo on Thursday, September 14th, 2023, at 9:38pm EST, occurs at 21 degrees.  Virgo wants clarity and precise direction on where we are headed and how we will get there.  Virgo is the great priestess archetype, aligning the material realm for spiritual growth and healing.

Although we may feel an urgency to have all the answers and details in place to move forward, Mercury is still in retrograde and Mercury rules this Moon, asking us to slow down and reconsider our options.

Mars, who typically rules our drive and ‘action-oriented’ sensitivities, is currently in Libra, where it is debilitated, unable to make potent moves.  Libra forces Mars to sit through the jury and weigh just causes in a fight of jurisdiction, balance and bureaucratic red tape.  Our hands are still tied.  Mars will have more power to plow ahead when the warrior planet moves into Scorpio.

Additionally, Neptune in Pisces is opposite the New Moon in Virgo, mystifying our world view in confusing ways and shrouding our decisions with notions of fantasy or despair.  What this transit, and the Pisces-Virgo axis does offer, however, is abundant creativity and spiritual alignment with a higher purpose.

Utilizing these next few weeks to make daily progress towards your dreams and goals through small actionable steps is key.  Don’t try to move forward too quickly, or you will just be disappointed.  Experiment with new sacred rhythms to fold into your day: lighting a candle, meditation, breathwork, yoga, are all ways to make most of this Virgo-Pisces energy to keep you supported.  Try to start small and keep something consistent.

This New Moon is forming a grand trine with Uranus and Pluto.  Be on the outlook for downloads or idea bursts that lead you to new innovative solutions for some of the biggest problems you may be facing.  There is a spontaneous curiosity to this Moon which might lead us down rabbit holes, but the investigation of how we can best set up the details for our future life are coming into alignment.

While both Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn have been destabilizing transits over the past couple of years, this particular transit, as the Sun and Moon trine these outer planets, offers some stability.  It’s not the best time to make big decisions or feel changes happening, but it is a good time to take stock of your dreams, give yourself the rest you deserve, and meditate on your next move.   Perhaps the last few years of chaotic momentum is beginning to show what it’s all been for.  Whatever mental chatter arises is not without purpose.

Saturn opposite Mercury retrograde, is working diligently to restructure our lives in ways that allow for more fluid connection to our dreams.

All this to say: restore your rhythms in peaceful ways.  Listen to music and let your imagination guide your thoughts towards the information that you seek.  Happy New Moon!

Art by Maria Chiuri

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