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The Gemini New Moon and the Summer Solstice

The Gemini New Moon is on on Saturday June 17th PST and Sunday June 18th EST.  Gemini moons often hold mixed energy, and this one is no different.  Gemini holds the duality of life, diverse mental threads, and the ways we communicate our inner world to the outer world.

Typically, Gemini is skillful with details, speaking, and conversations, however this New Moon is squaring Neptune, the planet of foggy understanding, confusion, escapism and misleading information.  Neptune is our connection to Spirit, however, along with intuition and otherworldly wisdom.

While the New Moon falls just days before the Summer Solstice, a magical time for all life forces to be at their most active, this is peak energy for connecting and communing with the other worlds and spirit realms.  Listening to the great stories of the trees, rocks and plants, and holding our Mother Earth in reverence as we pray for her in this time.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury and Mercury just entered Gemini.  Mercury is in a great position making a sextile to Venus.  This Moon is the perfect time to connect with art, music, poetry, writing, or dancing, on a spiritual level.  Get lost in your own world.  Beckon the faerie sprites, summon the rains with your song, paint watercolors of your dreams, whisper words to the flowers and trees and connect with others.

As master connecter and the weaver of networking webs, Gemini medicine comes to me as Queen Anne’s Lace, the flower essence for evoking “sovereignty”.  Gemini shadow tendencies can often appear as being overly reliant on the information of others, or on knowledge outside of oneself.  Queen Anne’s Lace asks you to trust your self and lift your own heart up onto a pedestal, as a Queen.  Rule your own kingdom.

Any kind of art or spiritual practice you can engage in this week between the 18th and 21st, can be incredibly inspiring for you and your future dreams or visions as well and the relationships in your life.

Historically, Summer solstice would be a time of bonfires through the night, celebrating the return of light and power of the great Sun on this longest day of the year in hopes of a good harvest.  With recent wildfire smoke taking a toll on our lives however, I am not so sure these ancient customs should be given the same symbolic power they once held.  Perhaps we should honor the water deities this Solstice, those cooling rivers, creeks and rains that enrich our soils and give us medicine of an emotional strength and compassion to deal with these shifting times.

Gemini is an Air sign, and air has the tendency to bolster fires more, taking a spark and turning it ablaze.  I think of this as a metaphor for the conversations we may have- that if we are not careful, and we are too much up in our heads (as Gemini season can do), and overwhelmed or anxious (as Gemini moons can feel), we can turn molehills into mountains.

My advice for this New moon on June 18th is to calm the fire within and use your own Air power for calming deep breathing.   Call in the the power of water and earth to find balance in the intensity of this season, while also honoring the power of our Sun.

New Moons are a time to rest, honor darkness, reset our agendas, and give ourselves a clean slate: releasing what hasn’t been working.  Take a bath or swim outside, breathe deeply under the night sky.  Inhale love, exhale mistrust.  Write or speak out words of inspiration for yourself and where you would like to be headed this season.

On June 21, the summer solstice symbolizes ascension and the rebirth of the light, not only on our planet but within each one of us. “As above, so below.” What happens on Earth and in the heavens is a reflection of what happens within us. And spiritually, the sun’s light is considered the same light that shines within each being on Earth.

For these reasons, summer solstice traditions also include rituals to help release old, dark energy. So it’s a great time to consider the grand scope of your life and the spiritual path you are on.  Focus or meditate upon the light to create more abundance in your life.

As you do so, note what is in and out of alignment, and do your best to bring light back into your heart, body, mind, soul, and earthly endeavors. In this way, cast intentions so that you can be the bright shining star you were born to be? and shine your light upon the Earth and everyone you meet.

“This little light of mine

I’m gonna let it shine

I won’t let anyone blow it out

I’m gonna let it shine”

May you sing, dance, feast and gather. May you have reap an abundant inner and outer harvest this summer!

For a personal look at how the astrology of the season may be impacting you, head over to my bookings page at to book an astrology session and natal chart or transits reading.

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