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The Full Moon in Leo

Updated: Jan 24


The Full Moon in Leo arrives with a roar on Thursday, January 25 at 12:54 PM Eastern Standard Time. There have been so many big astrological shifts marking the week leading up to this Full Moon, that it is very likely you may be experiencing some big shifts of your own.  Echoing the recent ingress of Pluto in Aquarius, this lunation, in particular calls us to embrace our shadows and the deep inner worlds we we inhabit or keep hidden.

We are looking at some profound shadow work and the ending of some chapter of our lives.  It is a farewell to what once was, and as such, brings with it some grief.  This Full Moon is not only about closure but about a gateway to transformation.  Within this process of emotional alchemy, lie the seeds of new beginnings and the entrance into a new way of being and relating to the world around us.

As grieving ebbs and flows, you are given opportunities to look to the future and craft a new creative vision.  But before we undertake any new horizons, it is time to honor what we are saying goodbye to.  Acknowledge the love you shared, the growth you experienced, and the lessons learned.  Engage in rituals that allow you to release your past, celebrate how far you’ve come, and plant seeds for your hopes and dreams.

Pluto entered Aquarius on the 22nd just after the planet’s conjunction with the Sun on January 21. Additionally, on January 21st, Venus moved into the sign of Capricorn, signifying a shift from the wild desires of Sagittarius, to the stabilizing manifestation power of the sea-goat.  If our desires have been hard to pin down these past few weeks, think of it as an exploration of your edges before landing in Capricorn energy  - now with the power to pinpoint our focus and bring our goals into fruition.

When Pluto changed signs on the 22nd, this marks the beginning of a twenty years transit through the Aquarian water-bearer. Drawing immense power in this moment, Pluto’s transit pulls focus towards the underworld god’s archetypal representation in our own lives.  Pluto signifies our underworld journeys and the tasks or experiences that we must hurtle through in order to reach our true potential. It is a planet of journeying, with harrowing, twisted events taking place at every corner.  When Pluto changes signs, we are likely to feel the turmoil and potential of our own journeys in an exaggerated way.

Put the Full Moon in Leo, a relatively minor event in comparison, just a few days later and this actually becomes quite significant.  We are  bearing witness, and bringing to consciousness, our own personal truths — now the story can crystallize and unfold. Despite the difficulty of embarking on Plutonian journeys, there are hidden gems within the darkness.  It is the hell we must go through and overcome in order to integrate some part of our hidden self.  With all underworld journeys, the hero or heroine must find the light within themselves…there is a power to reclaim, and that is our goal.

In the sign of Aquarius, it is the power of the collective.

Leo is asking us to sing our own story, to tell our own truth, to be most authentic towards what we are experiencing.  Our individual stories can be offered to the world — to the collective -- as a gift to be shared.  When we share our stories, others can relate, and this brings us closer together. This Leo Full Moon, know that - although your story is yours alone, the power of sharing this story is where healing potential can begin.  Not only for yourself, but for others. This moon sits opposite all other planets on the chart.  It is alone. You might feel alone, but you are not.  The world is listening.

Even if you are not surrounded by other people this Full Moon, speak your story aloud to the stars or the trees.  Speak your story to a pet, to the mountains or the sea.  Let it be heard.

When we sit in our grief and confront the pain head on, this opens up new avenues of healing, and a recognition of transformation and growth. When we are willing to come together, to share our pains to give voice to the grief — Hearts reverberate, and collective healing can begin.

The human heart has the capacity to hold so much and Leo rules the heart.

The archetypal goddess of the Leo full moon is the lioness.  In her Egyptian mythic form, this is Sehkmet, daughter of the Sun god, Ra.  This lion-headed goddess was fierce protector to her people.  She would be called upon in times of war or sickness and plague.  In one myth about the end of Ra’s reign, she became so wrathful, that she goes on a blood-thirsty killing spree, almost destroying all of humanity.  She reminds us of the power of our own rage, and that it is important to feel our anger before it becomes uncontrollable and destructive, manifesting in behaviors we are no longer in control of.

The Lioness activates powerful creative energy, giving us the opportunity to channel our emotional power in ways that are productive.  This Leo Full moon also allows you to release blockages to your courage.   Allow the spiritual purpose of this Moon to take you on a journey of your own soul’s creativity and ignite a fiery passion towards your soul’s mission - take leadership in shining your gifts into the world.

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