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The Full Moon in Cancer

Tuesday's Full Moon in Cancer occurs at 7:33pm EST on Dec 26, 2023.

Care care care.  The Moon is in its domicile when in the sign of Cancer so feels extra comfortable and ‘moonly.’  The Moon represents our body, our mother and our emotional state.  Cancer is the sign of care.  How will you care for your loved ones this lunation?  How will you care for your body? How will you care for your emotional health and wellbeing?

I am reminded of all the ways we need to extend care as our most precious resource:  care and concern for those suffering - who are unable to celebrate this holiday season as they would like, care for our children, our parents, our partners, our friends.

Family is certainly highlighted at this time with the Moon and Cancer both governing the fourth house of family.  Sensitivities around your family may be extra potent.

The Moon is in a beautiful position, sextiling Jupiter and trining Saturn.  This is a lucky line-up for the Cancer Moon, getting some creative insight and inspiration from Jupiter, the Santa Claus archetype.  Larger than life generosity,and perhaps a different meaning of generosity than usual, may be present.  Beware of overindulgence of over-doing it, as Jupiter in such a prominent position in the night sky, can have that effect on us.

Through gratitude, our ability to care is magnified.  When we experience true gratitude, we are more apt to living a peaceful live- a life not in want or need- but a life well-resourced, even when context doesn’t offer that.  Gratitude and presence may just be the best gifts of all this holiday.

Before you go to bed, try thinking of - or writing down - three things you are grateful for.  This is a tried and true antidote to negative or reductionist thinking, forcing us to expand our perspective.  Thank you, expansive Jupiter!

Saturn in Pisces trining this Cancer Moon creates a harmonious blend of watery energies: dream-time and emotions are working together.  Feeling all the feels, and good old fashioned nostalgia, is to our benefit this season.

Saturn has a way of looking back on time with a serious face, and although he can bring cold, brooding, stark truths, I see this transit as a boost of practicality towards whatever it is you are caring for.  Maybe it’s a new routine you want to have in place for yourself or your family, maybe it’s actually making that meal to donate, taking the time to be present for someone really in need.

Guard your empathy receptors, however.  Remember, do not take on the burdens of others as your own. Holding healthy emotional boundaries is key to being at peace.

Peace is a funny thing these days.

We just had a Mercury cazimi on the Winter Soltice and now Mercury is sandwiched between Mars and the Sun.  Mercury-Mars conjunctions can be rough.  Mars wants results and quick fixes, cutting his way through to the finish line.  Beware of the tongue.  Stay soft and patient.  And try not to take things too personally!  We are all going through our own personal dramas.   We all process overwhelm and fatigue differently.

The medicine for this Full Moon is to tap into unspoken connections.  Words may not benefit us, but patience and true presence are healing balms in this time.

Enjoy this sweet Cancer Full Moon and Happy Holidays!

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