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Pisces Full Moon: Profound Healing Through Taking Responsibility

On August 30th, just after 9:30pm, the Moon in Pisces opposes the Sun at 7 degrees Virgo.  This Full Moon is a Supermoon (a moon that is closer to us and appears larger), and also a Blue Moon (the second full moon in the same month, which only occurs every 2-3 years).

This lunation promises to stir up some raw emotion, bringing to light the bare-bones Truth of our inner hopes and struggles. The Virgo-Pisces axis speaks to the perfection of our lives: on both practical terms, and spiritual terms. With most of the planets now in retrograde, there is a suspension to this moment where we seem entranced by our past and remembering, or revisiting, themes of our lives that we are trying to piece together. 

Taking extra time to reflect is to our benefit at this time. If we are able to reflect with true compassion, sensitivity and yet take responsibility for our actions and thoughts, we will be more greatly rewarded with purpose for the heart and mind, as the forward-motion of Venus and Mercury will come later in September.

Pisces, known for its profound sensitivity, and boundless empathy, is a sign that often bridges the gap between the material and spiritual realms. With the Moon in its watery domain, our intuition will feel heightened, offering us opportunities to explore our unique artistic expression as boundless human creators.

Pisces offers great healing when we are tapped into those facets of life beyond understanding.  It is the sign of spiritual purpose, releasing emotion, getting lost in other realms and daydreaming or fantasizing. The energy of Pisces encourages us to connect with that which has no shape or form. This is an opportunity to find solace in solitude or mediation and seek connections that transcend the material world.

The Full Moon is conjunct Saturn, planet of responsibility, offering us a real opportunity to ground our dreams into reality.  We may feel supercharged about our work and ready to conquer our goals.  With the Sun in early degrees of Virgo, there is a dedication to purposeful actions and the meticulous details that surround our ambitions.  Make practical goals for yourself, and then take note of the negative tendencies holding you back from your goals.   

Jupiter is squaring Venus during this Full Moon as well, offering an open generosity to our friends and companions. Beware of overindulgence.   We may feel especially focused on family and an integration into our communities in purposeful ways.  We may also begin to see the fruits of what we desire coming into focus, and the life we are striving to lead feel more attainable.

Journal prompts for this Full Moon in Pisces:

  1. What are your dreams for yourself and your family?

  2. What is holding you back from reaching those goals? And how can you begin to bridge that gap in a realistic way?

  3. What unhealthy habits needs to be released?

  4. At what times do you feel most connected to Spirit?  How can you bring more of that into your life?

  5. What have you accomplished thus far that can be celebrated?

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