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New Moon in Sagittarius 2023

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

"Daydreaming, Grieving and Having Faith."

The New Moon in Sagittarius occurs on Tuesday, Dec 12th at 6:32pm EST.  It is at 20 degrees of Sagittarius and is sitting conjunct Mars and opposite the North Node and Chiron.

We are looking at yet another Mars activated lunation this month, which we can expect to occur for the next few phases.  With Mars closely following the route of the Sun, the Mars conjunction or opposition with New or Full Moons is a pattern we can begin to familiarize ourselves with.  Mars activation on this Sagittarius New Moon may feel energized and hopeful, but also could feel like a loss.  Maybe something was taken away from you, some dignity or pride…maybe you’ve been through the fires and are seeking respite.  In any case, this moon is a reality check that helps plant seeds you can actually work with, in order to heal some older wounds.

Sagittarius is a sign of great faith and expansion.  Sagittarius is a dreamer with high hopes for mankind.  We are setting intentions of the highest form here, dreaming ourselves into being, and dreaming dreams for healing- both personally and collectively.

This is a great Moon for manifestation, but it is also shrouded in mystery, miscommunication or confusion of some kind.

With the Moon squaring the watery planet Neptune, this could launch us into being a bit too ambiguous on our goals without grounding ourselves in reality.  Mars energy will have us pushing to achieve something or perhaps feeling aggravated that we haven’t reached our goals yet.  Stay patient.

Something is waiting in the wings…Mercury is about to go retrograde right after this New Moon and will have us backtracking and revisiting some important pieces that need reworking in order to process and better understand where we are headed.

Yes, this is the last New Moon of 2023.  It may be that the intentions you set here won’t see much progress until Mercury stations direct in the New Year.  Feel free to cast aside the grit and grime of this whole year as you release emotions and unhealthy patterns from 2023.  Set intentions to have you embrace the best possible version of you.

Jupiter, who is in rulership of this Sagittarius Moon, is having positive conversations with Venus and Mercury.  Our conversations and relations are benefiting right now, though they may not feel super happy or comfortable.

What’s the best way to expand when in a state of grief?…GRATITUDE.

Expansion takes time— especially with Jupiter in Taurus.  We are tasked first to take root, to settle and circle back to the bigger picture.  Gratitude means taking a look at all that we have accomplished, being thankful for the resources we have and the people who support our best Self.  Feeling the edges of your Self expand can be both painful and pleasurable.  What matters is that you are feeling it happen.  Continue manifesting in the direct of growth.  Allow the mistakes of what arises guide you.  Deep breath.

Remember to hold healthy boundaries.  Although being open to pain and discomfort can allow you to expand into the next phase of your life, continue to separate the pain of others from your own.  Not everyone’s burden is for you to hold.  Compassion, yes.  Suffering for all, no. Prioritize your wellbeing being in order to serve others.

Blessings on this Sagittarius New Moon. 🌚

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