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New Moon in Pisces, February 19th, 2023

Trust in the process.

Pisces energy can sweep you up and away.  The waves can come crashing down on you all at once, or you can just feel blown about in an emotional storm and carried to a new land.  Sometimes, it’s fantasy or a dream fueling your voyage, sometimes it’s the pain of grief or longing.

This New Moon in Pisces, there is an incredible opportunity for clear, life-altering intentions to be seeded.  The momentum for our intentions to be set in motion is strong and the seeds we choose at this particular lunation have the power to grow wildly to fruition.  We are first tasked with wading though some emotional muck, generational debris, and through quite a lot of discomfort, in order to get the dream into motion.

The Sun has just entered Pisces season, joining Venus and Neptune there, and Saturn will make a big shift into this sign later this year.  It’s an important archetype to pay attention to right now!

Pisces is a nonlinear ‘transporter’ archetype.  This sign has the ability to travel through time and back, seemingly having made no progress, but feeling like you’ve just been turned inside-out.

Turning inside-out is wisdom.  Like rebirthing yourself.  Time travel is powerful.

Pisces offers a connection to the spiritual realms, the lands of the dead, the dreamworlds of shamans and the land of the fairies.   It’s not so much to escape as it is to connect to something deeper, stronger, more beautiful.  Pisces taps into a level of the psyche that is pure intuitive wisdom.

When in the “the flow state”, through art or some other creative endeavor, Pisces energy is channeled. I believe that is the goal of this New Moon.  To tap into your higher levels of intuitive flow and spiritual knowing, and to flood your body and your being with these visions: To feel inspired by imagination.

This New Moon is the prayer for you, for your future life…

And it is ignited by Jupiter in Aries, conjunct Chiron’s healing energy, with a motivation to tackle the “i am” process.  If any of your core wounding or unhealthy life patterns stem from a place of, “I am unworthy, I am broken, my existence is not important”, this moon is here to destroy those old paradigms and lift you up.

Venus and Neptune met up earlier this week, bringing in vast emotional spaciousness and depth to our relationships, uncovering room for growth through emotional exposure, and unraveling truths which have been lurking for sometime in the shadows of our subconscious mind.  Fears, guilts, and new acknowledgments of what we are “working on” have arrived.

Say hello to them all.  Suppressing your emotions only makes them worse.  By working through the sea of feelings, building awareness and allowing them to fully pass through us, we can begin to meet ourselves, one breath at a time.  Validate yourself.  Have compassion for yourself, and above all, trust in the process of divine timing.

Your process is not linear.  Some feelings are never meant to be fully “healed”.  Meeting yourself whenever you are, and releasing expectations of yourself, is key. You are valid, you are whole, you are enough.

As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces represents endings and beginnings.  It is the culmination of the previous 11 signs, and is the most spiritually evolved.  Pisces transcends reality before dying and being reborn (back to the first sign, Aries).  I liken this to the seasons in the Northern hemisphere.  The tree sap is rising, new buds are growing.  Yet it is still cold, stark winter. There is a simultaneous stillness and a quivering to the earth.  Thick potential.

Bask in it.  Swim with it.  Let it flow and trust that growth will come.

Cover Image by 'Journey by the Sea'

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