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New Moon in Leo

The New Moon in Leo occurs on Wednesday, August 16th, at 5:38am EST.  It’s sitting at 23 degrees of Leo and is in a perfect square to the planet Uranus.

Expect disruption and wildly unexpected changes to show themselves!  This lunation is all about shifting your lifestyle to reflect the most authentic version of yourself possible.  Whatever you’ve been resisting, stifling, or whatever you have not been saying, this is the time to reveal your truth.

Uranus, the Great Disrupter and Great Awakener, has been an integral force in our astrology this past year.  It has been aspecting the fixed signs over and over, highlighting the places in our lives that need adjusting so that we can truly be free.  Liberation is not easy, but it is calling, and this lunation holds a key of action.   Fixed signs are stable and steadfast, but can be stubborn to move.  Uranian electric energy has had a destabilizing effect on the fixed signs this past year (Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio), to assist them in bring on grander scale change.

The planets are always supporting us and offering us moments to step into our higher path.  Opportunities arise over and over until we consciously make the choice to follow the signs leading us to our life purpose.

Uranus is also trining Mars in Virgo and loosely trining Pluto in Capricorn.  This forms a grand Earth Trine between the three planets, harmonizing in the three Earth signs.  Mars energy allows for  productivity in putting our thoughts into action, and provides a boost of energy onto the liberating path.  With Pluto in the mix, there is a full on renovation and renewal happening and deeper meaning here.  Whatever structures have been holding us are growing stale and need changing.  Transformation is not without reason.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference."

--Robert Frost

This is a loud New Moon.  New Moons have a good deal of releasing energy, so we may be asked let go of things that are comfortable or safe.  This is an adventurous moment to take risks and live in a way that feels true to the heart.  Listen to your heart, of course, and weigh your own life circumstances with awareness of whatever is practical and possible for you.

The Venus retrograde just came out of her cazimi, her alignment with the sun, illuminating our truest desires and paving the way for rebirth.  This is also a pivotal moment in the retrograde cycle where Venus is beginning her ascension, rising from the depths of death and rebirth to accept a new life.   She will return on the other side of this retrograde, reinvented.

The Sun and Moon are also in conjunction with Black Moon Lilith.  Rebellion and revelation are collectively a part of this New Moon, as we are seeing bans across the country against how a body chooses to show up in the world.  I am surmising that we may see some action being taken as a result if those unjust bans.  The New Moon wants us to showcase freedom to be yourself without shame.  Lilith rejected a life in paradise, the Garden of Eden, in order to live in alignment with her truest self.  She reminds us to not live blindly or easily if it is stifling our inner light.

This moon is an opportunity to take be wild and free, and let your light unabashedly shine.  No doubt this moment will aid in selfish motives and misunderstanding too.  The walls we once knew are crumbling and there is an unsettled feeling that births the new freedom.

What is changing for you?

What truth do you need to express?

What parts of yourself have been locked away (perhaps due to childhood shame) that need to come out and be free?

How can you best engage your authenticity in this moment?

What stale comforts do you need to release in order to live your most authentic path?

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