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New Moon in Cancer, July 17, 2023

Updated: Jul 16, 2023










Both Cancer and the Moon represent the Great Mother archetype: Nourishment, protection, family and the home are themes which may arise. Ask yourself: Where am I rooted?  How do I show others I care?  How do I care for myself when I am struggling?

On Monday, we are both gifted and challenged by a week of some big astrological transits. The New Moon is our entry point into a New cycle, setting intentions around the ways we protect what we are building, and releasing whatever may be holding us back from journeying on this new frontier…we can begin to see glimmers of a new life, and later this week, big defining, yet challenging transits will help us crystallize the vision of what exactly we are working towards.  For now we are grateful to be steeping in a haze of new missions, experiments and work projects to keep us on our toes for what is to come.

As the Moon and Sun are both opposing Pluto with this lunation, we are are seeing the features of our life in ways we thought we had finished, but there is some final work or unfinished business to be done.  Pluto is making its final journey through the last degrees of Capricorn, really closing out and rehashing the past twenty year of Capricorn layers it has been traveling through - ie. structures, boundaries, your relationship to work, effort and self-criticism — before it moves more fully into Aquarius (which we got a snippet of, back in March before Pluto turned retrograde).

The Sun and Moon are also squaring Chiron, during this lunation, perhaps bringing up painful realizations, memories or triggers that you are working towards healing, but ultimately may teach you something about the direction you are headed on your healing path, and how you can better be of service to those around you.  Be aware of old, outdated patterns that arise automatically as you move through this day and make conscious the ways you would like to operate or react differently.  What needs to be in place for you to be your best self?  What areas of your own life need more tender care and healing?

Mediation won’t shift your life today, but do make time for some real, impactful decisions, based on where your emotions and heart lie,  about your life’s trajectory.  Brew a cup of tea and ponder the interplay of Fire (motivation) and Water (emotion) on this day.

This New Moon feels like a big deal.  There are threads that need to be woven together and pieces of the puzzle to be completed.  We know we are on the right track, and we are tasked with trusting the process of how it will unfold, because our timelines are all up in the air.

On Thursday the 20th, Mars opposes Saturn and on Saturday the 22nd the Sun enters Leo at the same time Venus will be turning retrograde in the sign of Leo.

The Mars-Saturn opposition is bound to bring up hardship in your relationships.  On the Virgo-Pisces axis, we are dealing with dreams that need concrete solutions.  There is a ‘stop-go’ energy to this transit that can feel exhausting, but when used correctly, can actually be mindfully productive.  When Saturn, the planet of limitation, opposes Mars, planet of action, be weary of your own physical limitations, but make a plan for your next strategic move.

The Venus retrograde will be a difficult encounter with our own authenticity, facing what we are putting out into the world, how we express and reveal our most vulnerable self, and an opportunity to rewind into the inner child and see what has been hiding within that needs a little more love.  Venus doesn’t want conflict, but she may want you to make big changes in your appearance, brand, relationship moves or visual aesthetic.  Hold off on any big changes until she stations direct, on September 3.  You will likely be reconsidering your relationship with what brings you pleasure and joy during these 40 days and 40 nights, and will have more clarity with how to make those shifts once Venus is forward-moving.

Additionally, the Nodes of the moon changed signs and are now at 0 degrees of Aries and Libra for the next year and a half.  With South Node in Libra we may find we are all too easily accommodating others, without having the self-respect and authority that Aries North node wants us to project.  Keep attuned to your innermost desires and remember that keeping the peace with your soul sometimes means rocking the boat with others.  Themes of boldness, action, and trusting your intuition are at the heart of these beginning phases. (For more information on the Nodes shifting signs, see separate article).

I hope you are able to work with this New Moon in productive and caring ways that benefit your long term goals.  Blessed New Moon!

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