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Lunar Eclipse: Taurus Full Moon, November 8th, 2022

The Full Moon on Tuesday, November 8th, marks the end of this eclipse season, but we must pay our dues in getting there.  This Moon is in Taurus, tightly conjunct Uranus, planet of upheaval, aka "The Great Awakener".  A jolt to the system is likely in store, and on the same day as the US mid-term elections, we are potentially looking at the unveiling of some new, catastrophic revelations.  With the eclipse opposite Venus, we are being called upon to reframe the ways we relate to one another, on all levels.

Taurus and Venus themes are asking us to radically reshape the relationship we have with our own human bodies, with power, with capitalist illusions of “limitless resources”, and with our relationship to the earth and ecosystems that sustain us.

I like to think of eclipses as bookends.  They often mark beginnings and endings, but even more so, they are like time warps. The portal that opened two weeks ago, with the Scorpio eclipse on October 25th, was the beginning of this phase of utter release and letting-go.  Realizations of what needs to change in our lives, or perhaps change being forced upon us, emerged — particularly if you have anything in a fixed sign: Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, or Aquarius.

These past two weeks have been a period of grief— of reconciling with structures that are falling apart.  Systems or expectations we thought we could once rely on are no longer as reliable as we assumed.  The last of the Uranus-Saturn squares (which began in 2020) is upon us.  This is somewhat hopeful, and yet brings us to a reckoning with our very human needs.  Since 2020, it has been apparent, in personal and collective ways, that the “unexpected” is shaking-up things in our life which have historically been quite stable.

With Uranus and the North Node in Taurus, conjunct this Full Moon, a lot of these questions and instabilities revolve around basic survival necessities: food, housing, supply chain demands, and general elements of safety.

We are collectively remembering our instinctive animal necessities.  We are moving from an era of individualistic thinking into an era of “revillaging”, seeing how intricately the web of connectedness between each of us is linked.

Taurus and the Moon also speak to the nature of our primal, physical bodies.  You might feel a disruption, and not necessarily in a good way…but hopefully in a way that wakes you up to something larger.  What keeps you safe? Are your basic needs being met?  Are they sustainable?  How are you nourishing yourself?  What are you putting into you body?  These are the questions we’ve been facing for the sake of our health and healthy relationships, and now we gain some answers, though they may not look like the answers we want.

What realizations of change have awakened you to something bigger over these past two weeks?

The two malefic planets, Saturn and Mars, have stationed direct and retrograde during this eclipse season (ie. Standing still in the sky, right before they change direction).  Stationing planets pull focus and build tension surrounding their archetypal themes.  With Saturn, the cold, “self-critic” has been at play.  Mars has manifested as a “fighting-with-yourself”, and feeling some repressed anger or resentment come up.

There will also be a Mercury cazimi, when Mercury is conjunct the Sun, on the same day as this eclipse.  Layers of significance continue to make this day feel very intense!  Mercury cazimi in Scorpio tends to transmit information that is typically secretive.  The day is likely to be especially revealing.

As you may have picked up on by now, this Eclipse will likely feel stronger than the last one. Where we focused on themes of release last eclipse, this one has more of a "change-making" vibe. For better or worse. Tuesday’s is a Total lunar eclipse, meaning the earth comes directly between the Sun and the Moon, blocking out the light of the moon completely. 

In ancient times, this was a “close-your-curtains-and-stay-inside” kind of moment.  The Moon and the Sun are sources of power.  When the luminaries, reliable beacons of life-giving light, are eclipsed and their light goes out, it’s akin to a power outage.  In ancient times, this was quite doomsday feeling, and not necessarily something to be ritualized.

The Moon represents our emotions, our innermost thoughts, intuition, our nourishment and our bodies.  When the full moon darkens during an eclipse, that gradual build-up of the lunar cycle, felt in our physical and emotional bodies, experiences a kid of rippling effect, a “wrinkle in time”, or a jolt to that gradual pattern.   This can feel like a shake-up.  What was that?!

When we feel this eclipse, we may be reminded even more that we possess animal bodies connected to the earth.  Honor that.

In Taurus, the emphasis on the physical body is pronounced…Taurus is very sensual.  What can you do to ground yourself in yourself?  Think about feeding your senses this Moon, as medicine.  Surround yourself with comforting sounds, smells, nourishing meals, and softness.  Hug loved ones.

You will be supported by honoring radical self-care, surrendering to the chaos, and remembering to take responsibility for meeting the basic needs of your own body and the needs of your children.  Some of these needs may need reorienting.  Talk to loved ones about what your priorities are.  Don’t be afraid to break tradition, for the sake of what makes sense for you.

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