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Leo Full Moon, February 5, 2023

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

The Leo Full Moon on February 5th connects us to our desire for self expression, authenticity, and our own creative essence.  This urge for self-expression is also a search for approval, and this Full moon shines a light on our need to present a public face.

The public stands as our audience, witnesses to our lives and work.  We may sometimes experience a sense of hurt pride when the self-reflection we are aiming for does not accurately depict the image or vision of our lives we meant to project.  We may feel offended or misunderstood.  This moon honors ALL of that so that it may be released for you to move forward.

Authenticity, with compassionate detachment is the way.  This moon is a time to fully step into yourself, be honest with your needs, while being kind to yourself and others.

Leo is the sign of the child archetype.  How can you celebrate and honor your inner child?  Feel your feelings.  Acknowledge any wounds that come up, and try to see how you might be repeating childhood emotional patterns in your current-day relationships. Awareness is the first step to stopping unhealthy patterns.

With the Sun and Moon forming a T-square to Uranus, the secret lies in knowing that everyone feels alienated or alone at times.  Perhaps the people we are most offended by, are also feeling super sensitive or uncomfortable too!  Remembering that we are not completely unique in our emotions, can help us overcome challenges, through mutual respect.

This Uranian aspect could also signify some chaos or surprises, so take care.  Everyone handles the fullness of emotion during the Full Moon differently.  How can we maybe use the Great Disrupter, Uranus, to interrupt patterns that inhibit our full self-expression? How can we disrupt our own self-sabotaging?

Some questions to reflect on…

Through what relationships are you working to build more acceptance?  What relationships need more personal boundaries to honor your personal dignity? To what degree is over-performance in your relationships tied to inner-shame? How can you be more on your own side?  How can you show up for yourself?

When we embrace playful creativity, and our own quirks, we can see that there are others out there who actually DO relate, love us and make us feel worthy.  This lunation encourages us to reach out to them, and have trust and faith in ourselves, even when it feels like you may have lost your way.

The wisdom of the fixed signs, Leo (Moon), Aquarius (Sun), and Taurus (Uranus), is their staying-power, consistent effort, and ability to power through challenges.  We may not succeed the first or second time around, but the third or fourth tries offer hope and ease, maybe even success in alignment with our true desires!

This Moon is also sextile Mars, planet of action and drive.  This speaks to opportunity knocking…some doors are being unlocked for us or maybe even halfway open.  We have to find solutions to open them the rest of the way though if we want anything to come to fruition.  Though a little extra effort and willpower, you can take a brave, new step through.

Venus will retrograde through the sign of Leo from July-September, so pay attention to any relationship themes that come up surrounding this lunation, as they may be revisited later this summer.  Bad habits might be triggered but acknowledge them, stay with them, and see how you are handling or reacting to them.

Where is your Nervous System in all of this? Breath deeply. Open your heart. Leo rules the heart chakra and is guided by a sensitive and fierce love. Leo can certainly get fired up, but is one of the most loving, heart-forward signs of the zodiac.

With Chiron trining this Moon, the healing benefits of self-realizations are magnified.  Who am I in relation to others?  Why do I value these opinions the way I do?  And remember there is no shame in wanting to be acknowledged for your work, your efforts, and your self-expression.  Just be discerning abou who you are letting into your psyche... let it be those who want to know and support your authentic YOU.

We are also at a time between eclipses and this Moon feels like a turning point. In the Wheel of the Year, the celebration of Imbolc occurred just a few days ago, on Feb 1-2. This is the turning of the light, an acknowledgment of the hope of Spring. The first buds, bulbs and snowdrop flowers are sending out shoots and visions of what is to come, if we can just hang on a bit longer. Day by day, we are offered more and more sunlight. We can feel it when we wake each morning, like a beacon, gradually changing the rhythms of our bodies...opening us up to 'newness'.

The ability to play with your own self-definition, self-declaration and seeing life as an Art are the joys of the Leo moon.  So what is your manifesto?  How can you be more creative, more childlike and more joyful?

Wishing you a blessed and joyful Leo Full Moon!

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