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Full Moon in Virgo, March 18th, 2022

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

The Full Moon in Virgo is a moment to set everything in order before the big hurrah that is the upcoming Aries season, which begins on the Spring Equinox, March 20th. This Full moon is two days before the Spring Equinox, so it will probably carry over whatever energies you are experiencing into the next zodiacal year (as Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac.) Virgo’s analytical eye and due diligence allow us to check those costumes before you go on stage, look over your final paper before turning it in, or give the floor one last sweep before company arrives. It’s time to set the seeds in their starter trays and add the water and sunlight.

This Full Moon also carries with it a particular flavor for the surreal, as it is opposing a whole stack of planets, along with the sun, in otherworldly Pisces…it is staring straight into the creation of magic, and so it might feel a bit like your “last checks” have a magic wand vibe to them. Hopefully it will feel more like Mary Poppins cleaning the children’s room with the snap of her fingers, and not Mickey Mouse’s ‘Fantasia’ experience with those troublesome brooms. :)

The planet Mercury is important here too this week. Not only does Mercury rule the sign of Virgo, but Mercury also ingressed into dreamy Pisces on March 9th to join the parade of planets, the Sun, Jupiter and Neptune. Mercury is a planet of communication, transmission of information and controls our thought processses. Pisces lies outside of linear, rational, verbal thought. You may feel more in touch with your intuition or receive downloads this month that your physical body is not able to speak out loud, rationalize or catch up with. Lots of sleep will help to process during this time. You also may be feeling more porous to other peoples energies and it might be difficult to turn down this higher vibration. With so many planets stacked in Aquarius and Pisces, the last two signs of the zodiac, there is a tendency toward the non-physical world. Lots of feeling, emotional, watery energy, and airy, up-in-your-head thoughts may be seeping through. My third eye is vibrating.

This is a time of bringing enlightened consciousness, intention, and intuitive insight to that which you are trying to convey in the world these days. Don’t be afraid to let your freak-flag fly a bit and get creative or outside of the box. The energy of Mercury sextiling Uranus supports any surprising insight you may receive from beyond this realm.

Thoughts may appear nebulous and elusive, like looking into a fog, but roll with it and you might also be surprised what gems are uncovered after the mist settles, when Mercury leaves Pisces on March 26th.

If you are finding that you are not seeing the fruits of any intentions you’ve set, during the New Moon or previously, this Full Moon is a great time to release any blocks you may have that could be getting in your way of truly accomplishing those goals.

What dreams are coming into fruition for you? What seeds are you planting? What needs to be swept away so that you may continue towards your path? What downloads are coming through for you now? How are you feeling? And what can you do for self care to ground and to hold up your boundaries during this very fluid and psychic time?

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