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Full Moon in Sagittarius


The Full Moon in Sagittarius occurs on Thursday, May 23rd at 9:53am.  With the Sun having just entered Gemini and the Moon opposite in the sign of Sagittarius, this moon is a dance of connection and enlightenment: learning, exploring, and sharing your Truth.

Sagittarius Moons, akin to shooting stars streaking across the heavens, ignite within us a spontaneous fervor, urging us to embrace our extroverted impulses and intuitive understandings. They embody the essence of the wandering sage, beckoning us to explore the winding paths of knowledge, not for the destination, but for the sheer thrill of the journey. Like modern-day nomads, we find joy in the pursuit of new horizons.

The lingering presence of Mars in conjunction with the North Node leaves many feeling weary, navigating the relentless tests of their energy and emotions. Like sailors braving stormy seas, we confront unforeseen twists and turns that disrupt the familiar rhythms of life. Yet, as Jupiter gradually distances itself from Uranus, we catch glimpses of a revolutionary dawn, albeit shrouded in uncertainty.

In these moments of flux, patience becomes our guiding star, a virtue particularly difficult to spirited Sagittarius. But this Moon absolutely promises a cascade of celestial blessings, uplifting our spirits and emboldening us to surpass our perceived limitations. Therein lies the essence of Sagittarius—a steadfast belief in the unseen, a faith that propels us beyond the confines of our imagination.

The best part of this lunation (in my opinion) is the conjunction of the two benefics, Venus and Jupiter at 29 degrees of Taurus. Coming together at a particularly important moment, as we are certainly needing a push towards luck, Venus and Jupiter offer supportive energy that speak of working side by side in partnerships, cooperating and sharing individual resources. At the cusp of Taurus and Gemini , the tapestry of our relationships is illuminated. This conjunction reminds us of the profound supportive value of love and connections: perhaps the most important resources we could value in these times.

Slow patient tenderness with our bodies will also help aid in healing and opening up new worlds of beauty.  Especially as we work through challenges and changes.  Remember to only work at the pace of your body’s comfort and trust that you are making progress.

And amidst it all, Pluto stands as a silent sentinel, orchestrating a harmonious interplay of light and shadow. Pluto trines Venus, Jupiter and the Sun, and is also sextiling the Moon.  Like a skilled artisan, it weaves threads of resilience and transformation into the fabric of our being, always challenging us to dig deeper for the inner gold we all carry.  Pluto is integral in the astrology of this Full Moon as we find solace in the embrace of darkness, knowing that it is but a prelude to the dawn of a new era.

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