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Full moon in Libra and the Pisces Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, April 2022

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Aggression, boundaries, escapism, dreams, idealism, mysticism, connection and embodiment: this Full Moon holds the key to all of these themes and more.

The Full Moon in Libra embodies the archetypal energy of two very powerful transits: the Saturn-Mars conjunction from April 4th, and the big April 12th Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. We must look at these transits individually, in order to integrate them into ourselves and our bodies, to utilize the energy in a positive way for this Libra Full Moon.

The Saturn-Mars conjunction marked some intense feelings of restriction and perhaps anger or aggression associated with the boundaries you or others inhabit. It’s like, wanting to go-go-go, and someone or something is saying “no-no-no.” Maybe you are the one saying “no.” Maybe there just aren’t enough resources. It takes place in Aquarius, which is the sign for social justice. Although this conjunction went exact on April 4th we are still feeling it’s vibrational impact.

There is also a deep pull to want to escape from these themes of struggle, as the other side of this week’s energy is a feeling of “doorways opening in the mind”, and otherworldly immersion into the watery realms of higher consciousness. Hypersensitivity may cause an excess of tears and emotion. The Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces on April 12th is a big deal. It hasn’t happened in over 160 years. This archetypally marks the opening of the floodgates for the other realms to pass through us - the dream realms, the ancestral realms, the ethereal realms, the imaginal realms, the heavenly realms - and we must be present in our bodies to accept this wisdom and to use it to move forward.

Neptune (god of the sea) and Jupiter (god of expansion) are the two co-rulers of Pisces (the ocean). They are at home here. The last time they met here was in 1856, which marked a time of historical romanticism and mysticism in the social realms of art and religion. Traditions such as raising the dead became increasingly popular. Neptune and Pisces have a shadow side of illusion and deception as well, so we need to be discerning as we move through these times too. Neptune rules the film industry. What is serving a higher purpose and what is just entertainment?

The 1850s also marked a rise in social compassion. A heightened sense of empathy gave rise to advancements in health technology (which would soon lead to the Red Cross), early suffrage movements for women began, and there were themes of civil rights and warriors for peace abound.

It was also an era where increasing popularity in sea and air travel across the Atlantic Ocean took place. In 1850 it took 3 weeks or more to cross the Atlantic by sea. The new hot air balloon option to cross was much faster. By 1860, changes in boat technology allowed the voyage across the Atlantic to shrink to just 8-9 days. Traveling to other worlds? That is the Jupiterian expansion experience aligned with water god Neptune. Pisces is often represented by the ocean itself. It’s mind-blowing how literal this is.

Big dreams are confronting us with this Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. Big emotions come along with those big dreams too right now, as ultra- sensitivity leads to heightened awareness of the troubles in the world. We are all in the ocean of interconnectedness, and this conjunction opens that psychic doorway for us to feel one another’s feelings. Some may prefer to escape through books, tv, drugs, or the weepy land of nostalgia. Let the tears flow. This hyper-sensitivity is actually our superpower. How can we embody compassion and embark on building the world we want to live in?

The Libra Full Moon on Saturday, April 16th, is a moon of balancing all of these feelings, and finding peace and calm to sail the tides. Libra’s focus on relationships allows us to utilize the idea of commitment to and union with a higher octave of your spiritual self, in order integrate all of those inner challenges we may be facing. It is about channeling love and loving everyone, for when we do not love, we judge, and this judgement keeps us from loving the people and non-human beings around us. Judgement also keeps us from loving ourselves.

The medicine comes from first looking at the inner most depths of your own heart and envisioning the world you want to live in. Venus is now in Pisces as well, and she is exalted there, telling us that we are able to build the beauty we want all around us, if we are able to listen to the heart’s wisdom. Remember the New Moon in Aries? We are using those prayers now, those seedlings, and beginning to expand them. The hard Saturn-Mars energy is what we can use to drive us. It forces us to become more embodied. It will give us the structure we need to become self-disciplined in nourishing our seedlings— in doing those things we know we have to do to support the dream.

With all of this Pisces activation, there might be the tendency to feel boundless, but we still have to have personal boundaries and not let other peoples’ stories inhibit us from dreaming the impossible dream. Little by little, day by day, with hard work, we can know in our hearts that we are embarking on a higher plane of existence for all of humanity.

This can be a time of intense, scary emotions. When you are faced with living your highest timeline, that can feel intimidating. Jupiter is a 12-year cycle of manifestation, however. Building the dream takes time. So don’t feel pressured to manifest it all in one day! Over the next 12 years this energy will sweep you up, regardless. Surrendering to the unknown can make it easier. Pisces is all about the unseen. Surrendering into divine will and divine timing will allow for a smoother transition. Let go of the ego and the urge to control.

Libra moon is the inner artist and the peacemaker. How can you make peace with yourself? How can you be open to your dreams and the dreams of others? How can you be more present in your relationships with others? If you could share your sacred gifts without limitations or boundaries what would that look and feel like? What are you committed to?

Pisces energy is merging and boundless, but we still need boundaries for protection and growth. How can you continue to hold boundaries around yourself and protect your special dreaming energy? And how can you show-up for yourself to build this reality? What structures need to be in place for you?

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