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Full Moon in Gemini

Active Minds Can Alter Paths

The Full Moon in Gemini is on Monday, November 27th at 4:17am EST. This Moon may have you feeling full of ideas left and right, questions, curiosity, stories and information galore. You may find yourself not quite knowing how to process all of the information, or feeling restricted by the limiting factors. With Mars conjunct the Sun in Sagittarius, both competition and irritability may surface. There is a quest for knowledge and Truth, and a warrior-like sense of energy to achieve your goals. Sagittarius acts as the "knower" and can vibrate into dogmatic beliefs when feeling attacked. Watch out for this, and stay open to new thoughts, new levels of vibration, that can release you from habitually damaging thought processes. Asking questions that get you to the root of your own beliefs are key.

Why do I get triggered when ....?

Who can I ask for help or rely on?

Why do I not ask for help under these circumstances...?

What is my ultimate goal? Which tasks are my priorities to achieve it?

What are my limiting factors? How does my mindset contribute to this?

Why did I choose to undertake .... in the first place?

During Gemini Moons, it can be helpful to write down all of the information spinning in your mind. Cut out each thought and organize them into a list in order of priorities. Then you can begin to compartmentalize and tackle one idea at a time. Gemini also benefits from partnership, assistance, or another mind to bounce ideas off of. Don't be shy to speak your mind and share your thoughts or opinions. There is a silliness or a bouancy to Gemini, where one is given the freedom not to take oneself too seriously. Lean into this Mercurial Trickster energy.

Both the Sun and Moon are squaring Saturn however, challenging our sense of pace and movement, making us feel somewhat trapped and perhaps unsure of how to proceed, practically. We may have just too many paths or too many things piling up. Tis the season, right? But questions...what is important to me and or my family? What am I buying into versus, what is authentic to my core beliefs? What do we need to cut out or take away from some part of our lives? What is just taking up too much time, space or money? What are your limiting factors?

The path ahead is very unstable and unpredictable. It is best to go with the flow as much as possible and allow the right way to reveal itself to you. The challenge is to trust your intuition and the part of you that knows what is right while still questioning your beliefs and why you hold them.

With the Moon trining Pluto during this lunation, moving towards the shadow: engaging in the darker parts of yourself that you may often shy away from (grief, heartache, looking closely at your own anger, passions and truths), will likely assist you in processing some deeper undercover emotions. People from our past are also likely to appear, as Venus conjuncts the South Node, and we are given opportunities to unearth and gather the appropriate information we need.

As the Full Moon illuminates new pathways of awareness and closes others, remember to hold an open mind, free from judgement. Seeing the many shifting sides of a situation is an important Gemini skill, and one we can all benefit from tapping into right now.

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