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Full Moon in Aries: Harvest Moon


The Full Moon at 6 degrees of Aries on September 29th is at 5:57am EST and 2:57am PST.  Even though you may feel uncomfortable or moody, angry or fearful….stepping over the threshold of your new life is hard stuff.

You’ve been preparing well, with determined action and love towards your new life, and now you may be feeling the reality of it all sinking in.  Maybe this means dreams coming true, new visions being born or new daily rhythms coming into fruition.  Maybe this feels a bit more exhausting, like this step in your journey is one of necessity and not necessarily long term.  Or maybe the ‘long-termness’ of this — a new baby, a new career, a new house, a new relationship with ourselves — is beautiful yet overwhelming! So how do we settle in?

The Full moon exacerbates the newness of these endeavors.  Aries is a survivor and survivalist.  Aries powers through challenges.  Aries is the gunshot that starts the race.

With Mars conjunct the South Node and opposite Chiron during this lunation, we may feel extra powerful and motivated towards healing on an instinctual level.  Venus trining Chiron harmonizes a feeling of making amends. What just feels right —to do or say or be — right now?  What is medicine for the soul right now?

But with the south node in libra, beware of being cutthroat or insensitive to those around you.  Simultaneously, beware for being too considerate to the concerns of other that they hold you back from your true self and your true goals.  Stay present and compassionate. A warrior of fairness.

This is your life, your body, your experience.  Honor it.  Full moon in Aries is a warrior moon and a time to celebrate all that you have fought for and accomplished.

This is also the harvest moon in indigenous cultures around the world, marking the end of summers harvest time.  We will gather our gifts and turn them into something beautiful to celebrate the shifting seasons.  What have you been working towards harvesting this season?  How do you see it beginning to finally make sense?

My family and I will be making a roasted apple harvest feast over the fire in the garden after harvesting some of the last fruits and vegetables of the season . How will you celebrate?

Venus is squaring Uranus, the last in a series of three squares.  She is summing up a story of challenge and disruption in our relationships.  She is writing the final chapter that will inevitably hold the final event for swinging us fully into our own personal revolutions.  Have you noticed a bit more comfort around disrupting the status quo?

Mercury in the last decan of Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces means there is a push towards getting those details and paperwork in place for living the dream.

As the reality of our recent decisions exposes the challenge of what we’ve embarked upon, know that you are not alone.  We are all standing here, naked, under this Aries Full Moonlight.  Reckoning with new beginnings.  Growing.  Changing.

Happy Harvest Moon!

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