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Full Moon in Aquarius August 1, 2023

Aquarius symbolizes the genius archetype, the waterbearer who was touched by the gods.  Aquarius moons are times for emotional enlightenment, hope, dazzling intellect, and originality.  We must be careful not to detach ourselves from our emotions or be overpowered by rationalizations.  We must also be open to any incoming new, unique, and otherworldly ideas that may find themselves landing in our world.  This is a time to look towards those goals for the future, and revivify your hopes and dreams for the collective.

The Full Moon in Aquarius makes her most exact opposition with the Sun at approximately 2:31pm EST.  This Full Moon is the second in a series of four consecutive Full Supermoons, which occur when the Moon’s elliptical orbit carries it closest to Earth, meaning the Moon can appear up to 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than a typical Full Moon. This closer proximity can result in higher and lower tides on Earth, as well as within our own emotional oceans.

The Moon and Sun are squaring Jupiter in Taurus during this lunation.  Typically, squares represent challenges, but with Benefic Jupiter, we are still gifted some guiding light.  We may feel ourselves becoming quite idealistic (perhaps overly so) but in doing so, we remember younger versions of our own ideals in life: who we are in our heart’s core.  This aspect helps keep perspective during challenging circumstances, and allows you to see the forest through the trees.  Minor obstacles may slow you down, but a wider spiritual journey is at your doorstep.

It also sheds light on who or what we can rely on  when our egos are challenged, and what grounds us when our sense of expression feels blocked or unable to function.  What kinds of tangible things in your life give you steadfast comfort?  Where do you need to be more generous and compassionate with yourself?  Who in your family, friendships or community are always reliable and encouraging of your wild or original ideas.

Be sure to surround yourself with those who lift you up, encourage you, and generally support your growth.  Protect your ideas and ideals from those who may stifle your confidence and sense of imagination.

As the Sun and Venus are both in Leo, any themes brought up by the Venus retrograde in Leo (from July 22 to Sept 3) may feel extra profound or provocative in the days surrounding this full moon.  Be on the watch for confusion or misunderstanding in your relationships or feelings of insecurity in yourself.  Venus retrogrades are less about Venus themes and actually about the absence of Venus.

As the goddess descends into the underworld for these forty days and forty nights, there is no rulership of love or artistry in our lives: this archetype is in the shadow and we are left with sensations of loss.  What do you do when the sensory and relational foundations you rely on are missing from your life?  When it all feel backwards, what can you rely on? Perhaps you are rewinding into the past and revisiting past loves, family or childhood experiences.

A good thing to mediate on during this time is: when you are taken out of your comfort zone and thrown into chaos or drama, how can you keep calm and observe, rather than being burned by the fires of Leo self-defense and pride. How can you humble yourself and be more willing to connect with the inner child to remember what you needed back then: attention, love, and compassion. Can you be willing to give these to yourself?  Can you be willing to give these to others?

Both Saturn and Uranus are the planetary rulers of this Moon, representing the Aquarian mind of ideology, social order, rebellion and chaos.  There is an intellectual ego surrounding this time.  One could presumably think we could just reason away all of our fears and concerns, but Uranus is squaring Venus during this Full Moon.  Uranus speaks to our feelings of unease, an itching in multiple directions.  And Venus is not sitting on her throne right now.

It all goes back to Venus.

We must strive to make do with the discomfort of our past, and the broken histories we have inherited, while also working to build the future in a sustainable, equitable way.  There is something electric about the ideas coming up during this time, surrounding WHO and WHAT we want to be in relationship with. Incoming messages are starting to show themselves and they create more confusion, until we sit still and listen with our hearts.

The heart's way is the only way.

Saturn is opposing Mercury and Mercury will be going retrograde on August 23rd, later this month.  It’s as though we are preparing to rehash something that needs our attention to detail: this something shakes the very bones of our lifestyle. When Mercury stations in Virgo, the sign of precision, we will want to get all ducks in a row.  Be patient with yourself and give yourself as much time as you need to follow through and make clear your goals.

Full Moons are a time of celebration and release: a time to clear away old stagnant energies and honor how far you have come in your process of growth. I liken this moment to a juggling metaphor. For me, personally, it feels like I have been juggling many things, and all of my balls are up in the air right now.  It’s as though they are paused for this brief time, and I am given the opportunity to calculate their landing.  How they will fall, and if I will catch them all, is still to be determined…but I can prepare the environment they will fall into.  I can cushion their landing with safety nets, softness, and the help of friends.  I can take care of my own mental health and body so that I am better prepared to catch them when the time comes.


Recommended flower essences to work with during this Full Moon are Zinnia, to remind you of the joys in life, to stay playful and curious, and Evening Primrose, for inner child support.

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