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Aries New Moon, April 1, 2022

Aries new moons are always about new beginnings. The zodiac cycle resets itself in Aries, and with it, we are able to reset our personal goals, or manifest — with all our hearts — that burgeoning vision for our lives. The energy is available to support your wishes and carry them into reality. Aries energy is action-oriented. It is the breath of life, of spirit, it is the creative fire, it is the impulse that drives us forward with passion and zest for life. This New Moon is prime time to commit to a creative project or idea, and play wholeheartedly with this “go” energy.

New moons are not necessarily a time to take bold action, however. They more often symbolize a time to withdraw, go within, and ponder your next move. New moons ask us to nourish and protect that which is growing within, and to let go of that which no longer serves us. The New Moon in Aries certainly might have you feeling pulled to forge ahead, but before you set out with your ram horns, do take this time to be still and sit with your dreams. Relax your brain and body, if only for a moment. Say your prayers in the dark, write down a single word of what you want, declare your hopes and dreams to a trusted friend, or bask in the still waters of your own heart…these are the solemn vows we make to ourselves for this next year to come.

As this week begins, Venus conjuncts Saturn on March 28. This marks a time to reevaluate your relationship with yourself. Set up boundaries to protect your heart and practice saying “no” if you are asked to do something that you know will drain you. This transit is also a time to celebrate self-discipline in that which we find beautiful or artistically nourishing for the soul. So this could mean for you: spring cleaning, setting up rituals for your creative endeavors, or just getting into the habit of putting on a bit of rose oil each morning, creating new rituals of self care.

Friday’s New Moon is conjunct Chiron, the archetypal wounded healer. Chiron is an asteroid that was named after the Greek centaur who acts as healer to the gods. Although a gifted and wise healer, Chiron was wounded with an arrow and could not heal himself. In continuing to help others, he ultimately learns how to heal his own soul. This moment is asking us to reflect on the ways we’ve been wounded in the past and allow that to inform how we can be of service to others. In what ways can we teach the knowledge we now have, while being open to forever learning?

Mercury is cazimi the following day on April 2, traveling into the heart of the sun. Our abilities to communicate openly with heart and love will be magnified. Just as sunlight cleanses fresh sheets on a sunny day, the fire of the sun cleanses Mercury now, just in time for a fresh new year of communicating our new endeavors or new outlooks. Network with loved ones, write in your personal memoirs, or begin devouring information that will help you achieve those dreams.

Here are some questions to ponder or journal for this New Moon:

What goal or project am I committing to this year? What is my vision of the me I want to be?

How can I protect my heart and immerse myself only in that which truly fulfills me?

What skills have I acquired that I can now share with others, and what do I still need to learn?

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